Gold Certificates

Scotiabank Trinidad and Tobago Limited issues Gold Certificates denominated in ounces through our Precious Metal Division, ScotiaMocatta. Scotiabank is one of the largest physical gold dealers in the world, with offices in Canada, USA, England, UAE, India, Singapore, Hong Kong and China. Gold provides an opportunity for portfolio diversification and can be employed in both your private or corporate portfolios.

History of Gold

Gold has been valued as a global currency, a commodity, an investment and an object of beauty. Over the years, investors have looked to gold as a safe-haven investment to guard against financial and geopolitical risk. Gold investors have capitalized on the positive gains in the gold market as the 2007-09 financial crisis put this commodity back into the spotlight.

History of ScotiaMocatta


  • 1671 - Moses Mocatta ( picture above ) starts trading diamonds, silver and gold on London
  • 1720 - Mocatta appointed broker to The Bank of England
  • 1919 - London Daily Gold Fixing established
  • 1958 - Scotiabank begins gold sales through its branch network
  • 1969 - Mocatta Metals Corporation, New York established
  • 1997 - Scotiabank purchases Mocatta

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