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Scotia Wealth Management

Investment Management
Investment Management

Making what you’ve worked for work better for you.

For many people, investment management is a key piece of the larger picture. It requires focused attention because the outcome affects the entirety of your life. Together with your input, your relationship manager will provide investment expertise to develop a customized portfolio that reflects your investment objectives and complements your vision.


A trusted source of investment advice since 1921, we offer a breadth of investment solutions to match your preferred style and level of participation, with over 750 advisors in 90 offices across Canada.

Private Investment Counsel

Rigorous risk management combined with a high degree of customization for clients seeking a disciplined investment philosophy and portfolio tailored to their investment objectives.

Private Banking
Private Banking

The service you’ve earned.

Private Banking provides personalized, attentive and discreet service to help save you time and effort. Our offering features a sophisticated suite of preferential services designed to meet your complex banking and borrowing needs.


We recognize it’s not just what you do with your money, it’s why.

How do you ensure that your wealth is preserved, protected and properly transferred to your loved ones and/or cherished causes? Together with your relationship manager and specialists at Scotiatrust®, Scotia Wealth Management will help you develop a comprehensive, customized wealth transfer strategy, including a plan for potential future incapacity, centred around your unique financial/personal situation, your goals and your priorities.

Financial Planning
Financial Planning

The future arrives two ways: slowly, then all at once.

The cornerstone of Scotia Wealth Management is a bespoke financial plan designed to fit the particulars of your life. This starts with a well-considered analysis that takes into account the various aspects of your life and finances – resulting in a deeper understanding and action plan for your current situation, and a well-informed view to helping you make your dreams a reality.