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Checking Account

Right for you if:

  • You are looking for immediate access to funds without the need to carry cash
  • You make transactions using checks or debit card

With Scotiabank's Checking Account you can enjoy immediate access to your funds. You're able to make deposits and withdrawals at your convenience, eliminating the risk of carrying cash.

Enjoy easy access to your funds without the need to carry cash.

Fees and Terms

Minimum opening balance of $300 USD

Order 50 checks at $0.10 each

Unlimited withdrawals

  • Minimum opening and account balance of $300*
  • Monthly Account Statement with detailed transaction history
  • Manage your month using checks and your ScotiaCard Visa Debit
  • Unlimited withdrawals throughout the month

* There will be a charge of $10 if your balance falls below the minimum.

Checking Accounts are managed by checkbook (each containing 50 checks). Checks written and used during the month will incur a cost of $0.10 each for taxes and will appear on your monthly Account Statement. Your Account Statement is issued monthly and sent to your post office box. If you don't have a post office box, we offer a retention service at a monthly cost of $10.

Requirements for residents:

  • Two (2) forms of personal ID (both with photo)
  • Three (3) personal references
  • One (1) banking reference letter written to Scotiabank
  • A copy of a water, electricity, or telephone bill (to confirm your current address, even if the bill isn't in your name)
  • The signed authorization by the APC

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Ready to Apply?

  • By Phone:Speak to one of our specialists by calling
    (507) 297-5200 from Panama City &
    (507) 777-6500 from the city of David, Province of Chiriqui.