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Precious Metals

Right for you if you want:

  • You are looking for personal investment products

Silver and Gold

Precious metals are a great option to consider whether you are looking for personal investment products or the perfect keepsake. We offer you a variety of options, including:


  • Royal Canadian Mint gold and silver maple leaf coins

Bar Products

  • Scotiabank branded gold and silver round bars


Purchase gold, silver or platinum through the Scotiabank certificate program. Certificates are backed by assets of the bank, not actual metal. You can always exchange the certificate for actual bars and coins of select products, or cash at your leisure.


  • Gold certificate - 10oz
  • Silver certificate - 500oz
  • Platinum certificate - 10oz

Physical Storage of Bars

Large physical bars can be purchased and stored in a Scotiabank vault. These bars are segregated and allocated to the Scotiabank BVI omnibus account, which are registered to a specific individual or business entity.

Bars Available for Storage

  • Gold bars: Kilo bar, 100oz bar, 400oz bar
  • Silver bars:1,000oz bar
  • Platinum bars:100oz bar

Scotiabank's precious and base metals division, ScotiaMocatta, is one of the world's largest dealers in precious metals. The Mocatta® name has been synonymous with bullion for over three centuries. As one of the world's top bullion dealers, ScotiaMocatta is a global full-service organization that provides hedging, financing, and physical products and services.

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