Branch and ATM Locations

Scotiabank has branches across Jamaica, ready to serve you. Our branch hours are:

Mondays to Thursdays

8:30am to 2:30pm


8:30am to 4:00pm

For a complete list of branches, visit our Branch Locations section of this website.

Scotiabank has ATMs conveniently located throughout the country, to allow easy access to your money day or night. See below for ATM locations nearest you.

Note: All Branches and Scotiabank Express locations are closed on Public Holidays.

Kingston - ATMs in branches

ATM Location
Constant Spring Financial Centre 132 - 132A Constant Spring Road, Kgn 8
Cross Roads 86 Slipe Road, Kgn 5
Hagley Park Road 128 Hagley Park Rd, Kgn 11
Half Way Tree Road 80 Half Way Tree Rd, Kgn 10
King Street 35 King Street, Kgn
Liguanea1 125-127 Old Hope Rd, Kgn 6
New Kingston1 2 Knutsford Boulevard, Kgn 5
Oxford Road 6 Oxford Road, Kgn 5
Scotiabank Centre1 (Main Branch) Cnr. Duke & Port Royal Streets, Kgn
University of the West Indies Cnr. Shed Lane & Ring Road, UWI, Mona, Kgn 6

1 JMD/USD currency available at these ATMs.

Kingston - ATMs out-of-branch

Scotiabank Express Location
7th Avenue Plaza 28 Constant Spring Road, Kgn 10
APM Terminals Berth 11, Port Bustamante
Barbican Texaco 84 Barbican Road, Kgn 6
Bellevue Hospital 16 1/2 Windward Road, Kgn 2
Central Sorting Office 6-10 South Camp Road, Kgn
Chancery Plaza 1 Chancery Street, Kgn 19
Cotterell's Texaco 27 Half Way Tree Road, Kgn 10
Duhaney Park Duhaney Park Plaza, Kgn 20
Hagley Park Plaza 9 Hagley Park Road, Kgn 10
Harbour View Harbour View Shopping Centre, Kgn 17
Harman Barracks Harman Barracks, Up Park Camp, Kgn 5
Jamaica Customs Department Myers' Wharf, Newport East, Kgn 15
John R. Wong Supermarket 1 Tobago Avenue, Kgn 5
Kingston Public Hospital North Street, Kgn
Lee's Food Fair Red Hills Road, Kgn 19
Loshusan Supermarket East Kings House Road, Kgn 6
Manor Park Plaza 7a Upper Manor Park Plaza, Kgn 8
Mega Mart - Waterloo Road 29 Upper Waterloo Road, Kgn 10
Michi Washington Boulevard, Kgn 20
Ministry of Finance National Heroes Circle, Kgn 5
Molynes Texaco 96 Molynes Road, Kgn 10
New Kingston Shopping Centre Dominica Drive, Kgn 5
NMIA Car Park NMIA Airport, Palisadoes, Kgn
NMIA Departure Lounge NMIA Airport, Palisadoes, Kgn
Papine Texaco 1 Chandos Place, Papine, Kgn 6
Pavilion Mall Pavilion Shopping Centre, 13 Constant Spring Road, Kgn 10
Premier 10 Constant Spring Rd, Kgn 10
Red Stripe Cafeteria 214 Spanish Town Road, Kgn 11
Shell Liguanea 138 Old Hope Road, Kgn 6
Texaco Mary Brown's Corner 141 Constant Spring Road, Kgn 8
Tropical Plaza 20 Constant Spring Road, Kgn 10
University Hospital of the West Indies UHWI, Mona, Kgn 7
Victoria & Blake Cnr. Victoria & Blake Road, Kgn

1 JMD/USD currency available at these ATMs.

Rural Area - ATMs in branches

ATM Location
Black River 6 High Street, Black River
Brown's Town Main Street, Brown's Town
Caledonia Avenue/Ward Avenue Cnr. Ward Ave & Caledonia Rd, Mandeville
Christiana Main Street, Christiana
Claremont Sub-Branch Lee's Plaza, Main Street, Claremont
Fairview1 1 Port Avenue, Bogue, Montego Bay
Falmouth1 Trelawny Wharf, Falmouth
Ironshore1 #3 Golden Triangle Mall, Ironshore
Junction Junction Plaza, Junction
Linstead 42 King Street, Linstead
Mandeville1 1a Caledonia Road, Mandeville
May Pen 36 Main Street, May Pen
Montego Bay Sam Sharpe Square, Montego Bay
Morant Bay 23 Queen Street, Morant Bay
Negril1 Negril Square, Negril
Ocho Rios1 Main Street, Ocho Rios
Old Harbour 4 South Street, Old Harbour
Park Crescent Park Crescent, Mandeville
Port Antonio1 3 Harbour Street, Port Antonio
Port Maria1 57 Warner Street, Port Maria
Portmore Cookson Pen, Bushy Park, St. Catherine
Santa Cruz 42 Main Street, Santa Cruz
Savanna-La-Mar 19 Great George Street, Savanna-La-Mar
Spanish Town March Pen Road, Spanish Town
St. Ann's Bay1 18 Bravo Street, St. Ann's Bay

1 JMD/USD currency available at these ATMs.

Rural Area - ATMs out-of-branch

ATM Location
AJ's Supermarket 32 Brunswick Ave, Spanish Town
Anchovy Plaza Anchovy Dist., St. James
Angel's Plaza (Unipet) Angel's Plaza, Spanish Town
Azan's St. Ann's Bay 45a Main Street, St. Ann's Bay
Big Tree Enterpises 1 Main Street, Bog Walk
Braham's Texaco 15 Harbour Street, Port Antonio
Broadway House Main Street, Annotto Bay
City Centre Mall Shop #38, St James Street, Montego Bay
Cool Oasis Barnett Street Barnett Street, Montego Bay
Cornwall Regional Hospital Mount Salem, St. James
Doctor's Cave Bathing Club1 Gloucester Avenue, Montego Bay
ESSO May Pen 46-50 Manchester Avenue, May Pen
Fair View Texaco Bogue, St. James
Falmouth Pier Falmouth, Trelawny
Fiesta Hotel1 Point, Lucea
Fontana Pharmacy - Montego Bay Fairview Town Centre, Montego Bay
Graham's Hardware Main Street, Kellits
Greater Portmore Texaco Greater Portmore Texaco, Breaton
Gtr. Portmore Shopping Centre Greater Portmore Shopping Centre
Half Moon Hotel1 Half Moon Hotel, Rose Hall
Half Moon Half Moon Village, Rose Hall, Montego Bay
Hay's Enterprise Hay's Plaza, Guy's Hill
Hi-Lo Montego Bay Church Street, Montego Bay
Hilton Rose Hall Rose Hall, Montego Bay
Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort1 Rose Hall
HomeSavings Supermarket Moneague, St. Ann
Hopewell Supermarket Hopewell, Hanover
Hudson's Plaza Gayle, St. Mary
Hutchinson's Texaco Great George Street, Savanna-la-mar
Island Village Turtle River Road, Ocho Rios
Juici Patties Clarendon Park Lot 1, Clarendon Park, May Pen
Krazy Nancy Ocho Rios
L & M Meats1 Main Road, Salem, Ocho Rios
Lucea Willie DeLisser Boulevard, Lucea
Mandeville Regional Hospital Caledonia Road, Mandeville
Marsh Epping Service Station Trinity, Port Maria
MegaMart-Mandeville Lot 2 Broomfield, Mandeville
MegaMart-Montego Bay 101A - 101B Catherine Hall, Montego Bay
MegaMart-Portmore Lot A-E, Portmore Town Centre
Montego Bay Freeport Montego Bay
Moon Palace Hotel Main Street, Ocho Rios
Negril Craft Market1 Norman Manley Boulevard, Negril
Nestle Bybrook Factory, Bogwalk
Northern Caribbean University Manchester Road, Mandeville
Oracabessa Main Street, Oracabessa
Petcom Alexandria Alexandria District
Petcom Port Henderson Port Henderson Road
Portmore Mall Main Corridor, Portmore Mall, Portmore
Savanna-La-Mar Texaco Savanna-La-Mar
Shell - Ocho Rios Cnr. Milford Road & DaCosta Drive, Ocho Rios
Shell Spanish Town 1 Barrett Street, Spanish Town
St. Ann's Bay Hospital Car Park, St. Ann's Bay Hospital
Sunset Beach & Spa1 Montego Freeport, Montego Bay
Sunset Jamaica Grande Hotel1 Ocho Rios
Super Plus - Falmouth Lower Harbour Street, Falmouth
SuperPlus MontegoBay 24 Barnett Street, Montego Bay
Sydenham Plaza 22 Sydenham Commercial Centre, Old Harbour Rd
Northern Caribbean University Manchester Road, Mandeville
Taj Mahal1 Taj Mahal Shopping Complex, Ocho Rios
Taylor's Supermarket Main Street, Runaway Bay
Time Square Mall -Negril Time Square Mall, Negril
Total Brunswick Eltham Brunswick Avenue & Eltham Drive, Spanish Town
Towne Centre- Ocho Rios Ocho Rios, St Ann
Trinity Mall Westgate
Triple P Plaza Main Street, Highgate
Triple P Plaza Main Street, Highgate
Westron Plaza Montego Bay
White River Texaco White River, St. Ann
Wiltshire Hardware Main Street, Spaldings

1 JMD/USD currency available at these ATMs.

Note: All information contained herein is subject to change without notice

Dual Currency ATMs

ATM Location
Negril Branch Negril Square, Negril
Ironshore Branch Shop 2-3 Golden Triangle Mall, Montego Bay
Mandeville Branch Cnr. Ward Ave. and Caledonia Road. Mandeville
Fairview Branch Lot 1 Bougue Estates, Montego Bay
Port Maria Branch 57 Warner Street, Port Maria, St. Mary
Loshusan S/Mkt Shop 1A, 29 East Kings House Road, Kingston 6
Constant Spring Financial Centre 132-132a Constant Spring Road, Kingston
Ocho Rios Branch Main Street, Ocho Rios
U.W.I. Branch Cnr. Shed Lane and Ring Road, U.W.I
New Kingston Branch 2 Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston 5
Liguanea Branch 127 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6
Times Square Mall Negril, Westmoreland
Half Way Tree Branch 80 Half way Tree Road, Kingston
RUBIS Ocho Rios Ocho Rios, At. Ann
Falmoutd Pier Trelawny Wharf, Falmoutd
Half Moon Hotel Half Moon Village, Rose Hall
HYATT ZIVA Hotel (GUEST Area) Rose Hall , St. James
Hilton Rose Hall Hotel Rose Hall, St. James
Port Antonio Branch 3 Harbour Street, Port Antonio
Tajmahal Ocho Rios, St. Ann
Negril Craft Market Norman Manley Boulevard, Negril
L & M Meats Main Road, Salem
Island Village Turtle River Road. Ocho Rios, St. Ann
Lucea (former Branch) Willie Delisser Boulevard, Lucea
Town Centre Mall 64 Main Street, Ocho Rios
Doctor's Cave Batding Club Glouchester Avenue, Montego Bay
Falmoutd Branch Trelawny Wharf, Falmoutd
Fiesta Hotel Hanover
St. Anns Bay 18 Bravo Street, St. Ann's Bay
Megamart Montego Bay Montego Bay
City Centre Mall Main Street, Ocho Rios
Scotia Centre Branch Cnr. Duke & Port Royal Streets, Kingston
Moon Palace Hotel Ocho Rios
Sunset Beach & Spa Montego Freeport, Montego Bay
Hagley Park Branch 128 Hagley Park Road, Kingston 11
Norman Manley Int'l Airport - Departure Lounge Palisadoes Road, Kingston