Canada Post Strike Warning

Due to the potential of a Canada Post mail disruption starting October 22, 2018, Scotia iTRADE® could no longer have mail services during this strike period. Mail delivery services could be halted, including the delivery of statements, cheques, or any other documentation you may receive.

Here are some alternative options to help you manage your accounts.

Paperless Documentation:

Register for paperless documentation for all your Scotia iTRADE accounts and all document types. This will ensure you have convenient access to all relevant information including: statements, confirmations, annual trading summaries and mutual fund prospectuses online. To register, clients can go to “Accounts” on Scotia Online and select “Manage my Accounts” on the right side bar, select “Document Delivery”, “Scotia Wealth Management & Scotia iTRADE” and then modify all accounts to “Receive Electronic”.

Corporate Actions:

Please be advised that notices related to Corporate Actions may not be mailed and it will be your responsibility to monitor your investments and act accordingly.

Online and Mobile Banking:

Scotia iTRADE mobile and online banking are free services that provide unlimited 24/7 access to all account information, while giving you the ability to view recent transactions and transfer funds between accounts. Here are some things you can do electronically on Scotia OnLine:

  • Use Electronic Funds Transfer to withdraw funds

  • Deposits to your Scotia iTRADE account from a linked bank account electronically

Learn more about Scotia iTRADE’s online resources on

Alternative Document Delivery Options:

The strike may also impact your ability to deliver your documents to Scotia iTRADE. We encourage you to avoid sending any documentation by mail, as it may not be received in time. Please hold all non-urgent mail until the mail disruption has been resolved and normal service has resumed.

Alternatively you can send documents to Scotia iTRADE using one of the following options:

Drop off documents in a sealed envelope at a Scotiabank Branch and request they deliver to Scotia iTRADE. Please address the envelope to:

Scotia iTRADE
Transit 75168

Send deposit securities via courier and deliver to:

Scotia iTRADE
40 King St. W., 15th Floor
Toronto, ON
M5H 1H1

For more information please email us at