Scotiabank is proud to have a strong presence in Thailand through our 49% owned affiliate Thanachart Bank. With the acquisition of Siam City Bank, Thanachart Bank is now the 5th largest bank in Thailand with over 16,000 staff serving almost 4 million customers through 630 branches and 2,100 ATMs across the country.

Thanachart Bank is a fully diversified financial services group providing market leading services including multicurrency loans and deposits, cash management, trade finance, investment banking, credit cards and personal loans, securities brokerage, wealth management and insurance to personal and business clients throughout Thailand.


1. I'm planning to travel to Thailand. Can I use my Scotiabank ATM/Debit card to get cash while there?
Yes, you can withdraw cash at all ATMs in Thailand that display the VISA or Plus logo, including at Thanachart Bank ATMs. A THB 150 fee (~$5) per transaction will apply. The maximum withdrawal amount is THB 20,000 ($670) per transaction.
We recommend that you advise the Scotiabank Customer Contact Centre of your planned travel dates prior to leaving Canada to ensure that you have no problems with the use of your Scotiabank ATM/debit and credit cards whilst overseas.

2. Can Thanachart Bank branches help me with service related to my Scotiabank chequing/savings accounts?
Scotiabank and Thanachart Bank operate independently as two separate legal entities. As such, Thanachart Bank branches do not have access to the bank accounts of Scotiabank customers and, hence, can't provide any service or assistance related to them.

3. Can I transfer money from my Scotiabank Canadian dollar account into a bank account at Thanachart Bank?
Yes, either a bank-to-bank wire transfer or a Western Union money transfer can be used to transfer money from your Scotiabank account into a Thanachart Bank account. Scotiabank will convert the Canadian dollars to Thai Baht at prevailing foreign exchange rates prior to initiating the transfer.
If you wish to transfer Canadian dollars to Thailand (without them being converted in to Thai baht), you can transfer money from your Scotiabank account to a Thanachart Bank Foreign Currency Deposit account

4. Is it better to transfer funds from Canada to Thailand by wire transfer or Western Union? What are the advantages, disadvantages and costs of each?
It depends on how much money you plan to transfer and the time frame you are working with. 
Western Union money transfers generally take only a few minutes to be completed. The fees vary depending on the amount being transferred and the transfer destination. Please contact your Scotiabank branch for more information.
A bank-to-bank wire transfer has a fixed $20 fee plus an additional 0.25% of the amount being transferred. At the receiving end in Thailand, Thanachart Bank will also charge a fee ranging from THB 200 (~$6.50) to a maximum charge of THB 500 (~$16) depending on the amount received. 

5. When I transfer money from my Scotiabank Canadian dollar account to my Thanachart Bank Thai Baht account, at what exchange rate will the transfer be completed?
The transfer will be completed at Scotiabank's exchange rate which is set based on the prevailing market rates at the time of the transaction. Scotiabank does not have a fixed exchange rate, and the rate will therefore vary. 

6. If I write a cheque on my Canadian dollar Scotiabank account and deposit it into my Thai Baht Thanachart Bank account, how long will the cheque take to clear? What fees will be charged? 
The cheque will take approximately 45 days to clear. The following fees will apply:

  • A transaction fee of $5 charged by Scotiabank
  • The transaction fee of THB 300 (~$10) charged by Thanachart Bank

7. Can I open a Thanachart Bank checking or savings account while still in Canada? How?
In order to open a Thanachart checking or savings account, you must have a Thai work permit and must apply for the account in person, at a Thanachart Bank branch in Thailand. Foreign nationals who do not have valid work permits for Thailand but wish to open a Thai Baht account for business or other purposes may do so in person by opening a Non-Resident Baht Account (NRBA account) at Thanachart Bank's Tonson branch in Bangkok or the branch in Nong Khai province. No interest is paid on NRBA accounts.

8. How can I open a Thanachart Bank Account in Thailand?
To open a Thanachart Bank account, simply go to any Thanachart Bank branch in the country. Required documents include a passport or an ID card issued by Thailand and a work permit. A minimum deposit of THB500 is required. 

9. How can I get an ATM/Debit Card for my Thanachart Bank Account?
Simply complete an application for an ATM or Debit Card when you open your bank account. 

10. Can I get a Credit Card from Thanachart Bank?
Foreign nationals with valid Thai work permits and a minimum salary of THB 30,000 per month may apply for a Thanachart Bank credit card in person at any branch of the Bank nationwide. 

11. Can I apply for the Credit Card from Canada?
Credit cards can only be applied for in person at any branch of Thanachart Bank nationwide.

12. Can I get a personal loan from Thanachart Bank? What documents are required?
Thanachart Bank provides loans to non-Thai citizens who have a valid Thai work permit and meet appropriate lending criteria and guidelines.

13. Can I buy real estate in Thailand?
Foreign nationals can buy condominiums/apartments but may not own landed property in Thailand.

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