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A focus on young people in the community.

Health & Well-being


Live Healthy

Nutrition and Safety

Scotiabank supports partner organizations and programs that help provide the basic needs for young people, such as safe community spaces, shelter, sanitation, food and water. Programs may also have an educational component to help prevent nutrition-related health challenges. For example teaching young people healthy eating habits or explaining the nutritional value of different foods.

Sports and Active Living

Scotiabank invests in partner organizations that encourage young people to incorporate healthy activities into their lifestyle and that can teach social and leadership skills through sport and physical activity. When it comes to sponsoring sports programs, we focus on team-oriented sports that are national pastimes in Scotiabank markets.


Stay Healthy

Access to Medical Care

We invest in partner organizations that offer young people direct access to medical care. Our partner organizations are often hospital-based and focus on supporting and helping young people.

Healthcare Support

We’re committed to supporting partner organizations that offer non-hospital based supportive and therapeutic programs. These programs must focus on care for young people who are ill, have health challenges or are in need of additional support. Partner organizations may also have programs that offer support to the families of affected young people.



Access to Education

Financial, Physical and Digital Access to Education:
Scotiabank invests in educating young people in a variety of ways.

Financial aid:
This includes funding scholarships and bursaries.

Physical access to education:
We invest in infrastructure projects like building schools and professional development such as teacher training.

Digital access to education:
We support programs that provide access to digital learning opportunities such as the development of online educational programs.

Educational support:
For young people to do well in school, they need the proper tools and support. To help, we invest in partner organizations that help provide the essential physical tools that students need. We also support school programs such as art and mentorship initiatives that help young people succeed in their studies.


Knowledge & Skills Development

Financial Empowerment:

Scotiabank supports partner organizations that offer young people the financial and social knowledge they need to be an active and responsible financial citizen. This includes programs that help young people get, keep or improve their employment or run their own successful business. We also support programs that focus on financial literacy, leadership development, entrepreneurial skills, business management knowledge, etc.

Technology and Skills Development:

Scotiabank invests in partner organizations that promote technology and skills development. These organizations offer programs that provide young people with the specific future-oriented skills they may require to start their own business or initiative, obtain or keep a job, improve their employment prospects, or enhance their technological know-how.

Foundational Giving

If the program for which your organization is requesting funding is not focused on young people in the community please apply for Foundational Giving

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