We are committed to supporting the growth 
and prosperity of our communities

An investment in the community is an investment in the future. By making strategic investments in the communities where we operate and partnering with local charities and initiatives, we aim to increase opportunities for growth and success.

Why it's important

Community investments can profoundly impact the overall growth and prosperity of a region — which directly benefits community members. By investing in the health & well-being and education of young people, we help more people gain economic freedom and increase chances for success.


An Inside Perspective with Darren Glazier

Director, Creditor Insurance Distribution, ScotiaLife Financial

Explain how you have helped Scotiabank's commitment to communities?

This year I had the opportunity to sit on a panel of judges for the National Enactus Youth Empowerment Challenge. Teams of university and college students identified a social issue that impacted the opportunities and needs of youth in the community. Then, each group came up with a viable business model to provide a solution to the problem and presented it to us. Every time our panel of Scotiabank judges heard a team presentation and saw the passion and preparation that went into each one, it left us in awe.

Darren Glazier

There were strong parallels between what the teams at the Enactus Challenge were seeking to do and how the Bank seeks to impact our communities. The innovation brought forth by the groups at the Enactus Challenge sought to improve problems that had a large effect on young people — like youth financial literacy, health issues like clean drinking water, and addiction recovery — and that’s a fundamental part of how Scotiabank seeks to improve communities —through our commitment to investing in young people. So it was extremely empowering to see these students thinking about how to address large social issues — using business as a tool to improve communities.

It's important that we work to create better communities, because we're part of them. The Bank, our communities, and our customers all depend on each other. Building strong communities provides better opportunities for customers to become better off — and they create a strong customer base and good employees for the Bank.

What excites me the most is the way that everyone in the Bank seems to be aligned when it comes to our commitment to communities — from our CEO to our executives to our leadership to our employees in branch. Last year we invested over CAD$70 million and Scotiabankers volunteered over 400,000 hours in support of communities. We take pride in our work in the community, and our track record shows it.

When our communities and customers are given the opportunity to become better off, they can journey toward a better future. When I think about a better future, I think about youth. They are the future. The Bank’s commitment to helping communities involves people of all ages — but our youth are an essential part of creating a better future.

Our priorities — Community

To demonstrate our commitment to a better future, we invest our resources in CSR priorities where we believe we can make the most progress for both society and our Bank.

Our impact


Here's how we are making progress on our commitment to communities.

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