Private Investment Counsel


Because life is always a work in progress.

As part of a full-service investment management firm, we deliver relevant solutions and tailored service for clients looking to delegate day-to-day investment decisions to an experienced team with a disciplined investment philosophy.

Your journey with Private Investment Counsel begins with one key step: we get to know you. Because who you are defines what we do, your relationship manager will lead you through a holistic Discovery Process to discern and define your vision for your life and the goals you’d like to accomplish through prudent wealth management strategies.

From there, you, your relationship manager and our investment experts will work together to evaluate, implement and monitor robust investment strategies structured around your goals. This process is continuous so that any life changes and reprioritization of goals are appropriately integrated into your investment plan.

Well beyond the standard ‘client profile’ information that seeks to uncover things like ‘what’s your risk tolerance?’, we strive to gain a deeper understanding of your personal and professional life today as well as your ambitions for your family and future. This is the foundation of our relationship with you: providing the ‘purpose’ that will guide our investment planning.

When it comes to investments, throughout our 120-year history, we have focused on growing and protecting the wealth of individuals, families, corporations and foundations.

Your individual portfolio will be designed specifically for you and tailored to your unique expectations. We are advocates of discipline and it is inherent in everything we do, from our investment process and the research we conduct, to the vigilant oversight routinely completed by our governance teams. This attention to detail helps to ensure your portfolio has the greatest opportunity to deliver on the purposes for which you are investing.

Our overall approach to investing is, on the surface, quite simple: we manage your money as if it were our own. Dig a little deeper, though, and you’ll find several guiding principles.

We believe in long-term investing, not speculative trading.

We think independently and conduct proprietary fundamental research in order to identify sound investment opportunities.

We believe in investing in quality businesses over quick-win securities.

Risk management is embedded in each step of the investment process.

A high standard of care is taken with your portfolio through continuous supervision.

Take the first step towards developing a relationship with the experts at Private Investment Counsel. Contact us today at 1 (800) 265-6978.

Private Investment Counsel is provided by 1832 Asset Management L.P.


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