Investment Management

Achieving your financial goals begins with understanding them.

Everything you’ve done, seen and experienced in your life has come together to make your situation absolutely unique. Your needs and those of your family, your business and your future are unlike anyone else’s, and that’s the way your investments must be approached.

Your Scotia Wealth Management relationship manager will engage you in a highly consultative process to determine your individual hopes and plans for what’s next in your financial life – to understand your definition of success. Are you looking to increase your wealth? Safeguard it? Share it with others? Do you want to create a legacy that will last? In terms of your risk appetite, are you conservative? More growth-oriented?

Working with you, our team of investment professionals will develop, execute and monitor an investment portfolio created exclusively for you, designed with a view to effectively managing risk and helping you achieve your unique financial goals.

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Latest Thinking

A selection of some the best thinking from around the world for your life, your business and your future. Updated regularly.

Enriched Thinking

The reason why investing decisions shouldn’t be left to only one spouse in a partnership

Married men and women need to work together to arrive at a happy medium as it relates to investment risk.

Your Life

Four Seasons’ latest around-the-world trip takes jet-setting to the next level

Four Seasons’ World of Adventures, a 24-day around-the-world journey that kicks off in October 2019, is now available for booking.

Arts And Culture

In $800-million deal, Air Canada Centre will become Scotiabank Arena

The home of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Raptors has officially been renamed Scotiabank Arena, as Canada Day marks the start of the Bank of Nova Scotia’s 20-year venture to burnish its brand and attract new customers.

Enriched Thinking

Balancing the benefit and the burden of wealth

Can money buy happiness? A new study reveals that wealth gave people satisfaction and independence, but it also gave them a greater sense of responsibility.

Your Life

Walking the tightrope of money communications

Money doesn’t have to be a mystery, a taboo topic, or a source of conflict. It’s up to you and your partner(s) to forge a positive pathway in a loving and supportive way.


Ellen is a married stay-at-home mother to three children. Her husband is an executive at a multi-national corporation.

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David recently retired from his position as senior partner at the largest law firm in Montreal.

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Daniel is a senior vice president with one of Canada’s largest mining companies. His wife, Denise, runs her own interior design consulting company.

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Richard works for one of the world’s leading luxury-automobile manufacturers and commutes often between offices in Canada and Mexico.

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Lisa and her husband Dan run a successful retail clothing business, with a chain of seven stores across Canada.

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Over a period of 40 years, James and his wife Debbie built a business empire. He is looking to retire, transferring ownership of the business to a son.

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Elizabeth is a medical professional and her husband is retired, having sold his software business to a multinational corporation recently.

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