Client Stories

Achieving your vision

By understanding your objectives and concerns we can begin to create a bespoke financial solution that achieves the vision you have for your life. Explore some of the comprehensive strategies and solutions we’ve designed for some of our clients.


Sonia is a retired business professional and owns a vacation property in Mexico. Her husband recently passed away, and she wants to ensure her family wealth is well preserved and assets are properly managed.

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Daniel is a senior vice president with one of Canada’s largest mining companies. His wife, Denise, runs her own interior design consulting company.

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David recently retired from his position as senior partner at the largest law firm in Montreal.

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Elizabeth is a medical professional and her husband is retired, having sold his software business to a multinational corporation recently.

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Ellen is a married stay-at-home mother to three children. Her husband is an executive at a multi-national corporation.

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Lisa and her husband Dan run a successful retail clothing business, with a chain of seven stores across Canada.

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Over a period of 40 years, James and his wife Debbie built a business empire. He is looking to retire, transferring ownership of the business to a son.

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Richard works for one of the world’s leading luxury-automobile manufacturers and commutes often between offices in Canada and Mexico.

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