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Advancing Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

Scotiabank continues to work together with our communities to remove barriers, increase opportunities, and improve representation. We are committed in fostering an Inclusive Workplace, free of discrimination.

We recognize that building a more diverse workforce enables us to become a better Bank and a stronger partner in our communities. While our work to build a truly inclusive organization is never complete, we are committed to combatting racism and discrimination of all forms to enable better futures for its employees, customers and communities at large.

Scotiabank's renewed diversity strategy focuses on underrepresented employees, with annual milestones set to reach its diversity and inclusion goals in Canada, which include increasing visible minorities in senior leadership roles to 30 per cent or greater and increasing the representation of Black employees in senior leadership to 3.5 per cent, and the Black student workforce to 5 per cent or more, as stated in the BlackNorth CEO Pledge.

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How we’re driving for equality for every future

Scotiabank’s inclusive culture provides an environment where diverse people feel a sense of belonging. We’re stronger together – for our employees and for our customers around the world!


Scotiabank reaffirms commitment to inclusion for every future. We will always stand by our choice to be inclusive and kind

President and CEO Brian Porter participates in the BlackNorth Initiative Summit

Black History Month: Representation Matters

To mark Black History Month, we caught up with a few Scotiabankers to find out more about why representation matters to them and what their hopes are for the future!

Spotlight on our Black Employee Resource Group

Learn how Molara and Vernette, two Scotiabankers, are supporting Black employees throughout the organization and community

Employee Resource Groups

Scotiabank has many Employee Resource Groups that operate globally and focus on advancing gender inclusion. Members are committed to educating and empowering Black employees by supporting their personal and professional growth

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Building an inclusive workplace is our ongoing commitment and we’re proud of the work we have done but we know there’s still work to do

What is it like to work here?

It’s our goal to empower every future by creating a workplace where everyone can perform at their very best. We attract and develop the very best diverse talent and build an environment where employees can thrive and belong.

Sean Albert

Regional Senior Vice President and Executive Champion of the Black Employee Resource Group

“The Bank has set ambitious targets, our leaders are asking the right questions and taking the right steps to turn plans into action.  I’m particularly humbled by and proud of our teams for working to create safe spaces where everyone feels supported. But we all need to use these safe spaces to speak up and support each other.”

Sheena Riviera

Senior Manager, Canadian Banking Communications

“It’s imperative for me to work for a company that prioritizes equality not just in their words, but most importantly their actions. It ensures employees feel valued and seen, empowered to bring their whole selves to work and are given every opportunity to grow and thrive in their careers. Scotiabank makes a real effort to listen, learn, and take action towards equality and inclusion in the workplace and in the communities, we serve every day.”


Senior Legal Assistant & Law Clerk

“I feel more and more empowered each day as a Black woman working at Scotiabank. Scotiabank has and continues to create an environment where I and others can feel comfortable showing up to work as our authentic selves and is working hard to ensure that no matter who you are or where you are from, your value is acknowledged, your voice is heard, and your potential is amplified.”