Aboriginal Talent Program

As Canada’s international bank, we’re a leader when it comes to inclusion. As a highly diverse company, we know that an inclusive environment for employees and customers helps everyone achieve their best. It also makes it a great place to work.

Scotiabank understands the challenges you face in the workforce. We’re committed to helping you find work that is engaging and suited to your own individual talents. It’s why we created a program that supports the recruitment of Aboriginal talent.

Here’s how the program works

Step 1: Make sure that you qualify

While you must be an Aboriginal Person in order to submit your resume through this option, participation is completely voluntary. We do encourage you to proceed with this process however, as our goal is to find you the best available opportunities.

Please use the definition below to make sure you’re eligible and open to self-identifying as an Aboriginal Person:

North American Indians or Aboriginal people include status, non-status First Nation, Métis and Inuit people.

Only those Aboriginal persons who come from Canada and the United States should identify themselves as belonging to this designated group. Other Aboriginal peoples, such as those from Mexico, Central and South America, Australia or elsewhere, should identify themselves as members of a visible minority group.

Step 2: Apply online

You’re welcome to indicate if you have any particular areas of interest at the bank, or would like to specify a position you’re interested in by providing the Job Title and Job Number. We’ll then forward your resume to our Senior Aboriginal Recruitment Consultant for review.

If you don’t have a position or specific department in mind, we can help match your skills and interests to current career opportunities at Scotiabank. Our recruitment consultant will have an open discussion with you to explore your career aspirations and find the best opportunity catered to your needs.

Get started

This program was developed to help unlock your potential and jumpstart your amazing career story with us. Get started by creating a profile and uploading your resume.

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Step 3: Keep checking back

We also encourage you to continue monitoring and applying for positions on our careers site in addition to sharing your resume through this program.

If you’re having difficulty applying, please don’t hesitate to email us at aboriginaltalent@scotiabank.com. Once we receive your email, a member of our Diversity Recruitment Team will contact you to assist with the application process. Please do not email your resume.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Our Employee Resource Groups (or ERGs) are groups of Scotiabankers who share a common interest, background or goal. They are the grassroots voice of our people, amplifying our diversity. ERGs provide a way to connect with others, share experiences and discuss issues that are important to you. They’re also an excellent way to network with Scotiabankers who you might not typically meet.

As a Scotiabank employee, you can join any of our 10 ERGs such as the Scotiabank Aboriginal Network (SAN). Made up of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people, SAN raises awareness and support for Aboriginal culture at Scotiabank. They also provide support for Aboriginal employees and strengthen connections between the Bank, employees and the Aboriginal community.

As a highly diverse company, we know that an inclusive environment for employees and customers helps everyone achieve their best. An inclusive workplace allows us to reap the benefits that diversity brings, including fresh ideas and different perspectives. Because of this, we understand some of the challenges you may face in the work force. Our commitment to helping you rise above those challenges and embracing a culture of inclusion makes Scotiabank a great place to get your career started.

We partner with community organizations and educational institutions that share our commitment to creating an inclusive and accessible workplace. Our employees are our strongest ambassadors in local communities and employee participation is an essential component of our global philanthropic efforts.

Our Aboriginal Community partnerships include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing scholarships for Aboriginal post-secondary students through the Scotiabank Business and Commerce Bursary Award
  • Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business
  • Belcourt Brosseau Metis Awards
  • Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technology which offers scholarships in business administration

Once you create a profile on our Careers site, your application is considered active until you ask us to deactivate it.