My name is Ehsan and I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and a Master’s degree in Finance from my home country of Iran. Since I have had a non-traditional path, some have asked me how I got to where I am now which I’m happy to share with you! After graduating with an engineering degree, I enrolled in the army and worked as an English teacher - eventually managing a great team of teachers and instructors. My passion for sports then led me to translate and publish a book in sports management and publish a book about coaching basketball. Eventually, I decided to do my Master’s in Finance with a focus on sports finance, and after graduating, I worked as a Financial Advisor for start-up sports companies. All these diverse experiences eventually helped me discover my biggest passion, which is helping others by providing them with financial solutions. I moved to Canada in 2018 and graduated from the Financial Planning program at Seneca College with High Honours in April 2020. Today I am in the Ascend, Investment Specialist Career Kick-Starter Program at Scotiabank

In February, I was in my last semester of school, studying hard, looking for job opportunities, and going to interviews and networking events – needless to say, it was a very stressful time trying to figure out the future! I attended a seminar on campus about the Ascend role at Scotiabank and thought that this might be the opportunity I was looking for. 

During the Ascend program Interview Day, I witnessed and felt the Scotiabank culture. Before the interviews started, we had the chance to network and meet the interviewers and other candidates. One of the Mobile Advice Team leaders gave a speech and said, “Be yourself, and hopefully it is meant to be.” For me, that has been one of the cornerstones of the Scotiabank culture: you can be yourself at Scotiabank. That short sentence erased any feeling of nervousness I had at that moment. Since then, I have realized that the sense of culture I felt during my interview is truly what Scotiabank is about.  

Today, I am proud to introduce myself as a Scotiabank Ascend Associate. The opportunities that are provided through this program are remarkable. Firstly, my cohort and I have a full year of training as we transition from being graduates of our respective schools into the professional world as Investment Specialists. Every day, we are learning the practical aspects of financial planning through interactive sessions and open discussions. Having this safe space in such a warm, yet professional environment when entering the financial industry is a unique and exceptional advantage. 

Secondly, Ascend has given us a strong sense of culture. We have opportunities to interact daily with Regional Directors, Vice-Presidents and so many other best-in-class professionals within the Bank. Everyone I have interacted with during my time genuinely wants us to succeed. It is encouraging to feel that everything we do is preparing us for future success. 

Lastly, Ascend has been built to provide us with a strong support system to help us succeed. By having a dedicated Program Manager, it allows for a flawless experience. Also, Ascend is built on a cohort system, meaning I am starting my career at Scotiabank alongside 13 exceptionally talented individuals from very diverse backgrounds. You can be yourself at Scotiabank and feel good about who you are – the Ascend cohort is a great example of this. 

My goal as an Investment Specialist is to build long-term, trust-based relationships with my future clients and to help them grow and achieve financial peace of mind by delivering customized financial plans. The Ascend program has provided me with a roadmap and all the necessary tools and resources to move towards those career goals. Every day, I have the opportunity to enhance my abilities, learn new skills, and take advantage of resources to become a better financial planner.

I strongly recommend joining Scotiabank (and Ascend) to financial planning students and graduates. I could not envision a better launchpad for my career, and I believe that Ascend will help me manage obstacles that stand in the way of achieving success in the financial services industry. Additionally, the Scotiabank culture of diversity, trust, open dialogue, and support for the success of every Scotiabank employee provides a work environment to be proud of.

I cannot wait to start my career as an Investment Specialist and make a positive difference in the lives of my future clients by helping them navigate their financial life using a roadmap that I have built for them.


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