Are you a self-starting, innovative relationship-builder with a passion for Wealth Management? Do you thrive on human connection and never shy away from a challenge? I chatted with Holly, Senior Manager of our Wealth Management Associate Program to learn more about why this program was developed and what makes it a premier program for new grads!


Meaghan: Hi Holly! Thank you for chatting with me today – can you tell our audience a bit about yourself? 

Holly: Hello! My name is Holly. I’m originally from a small community in Nova Scotia and was never more than 30 minutes away from the ocean! I grew up in an entrepreneurial family and launched my career as a Financial Advisor over 10 years ago. Moving into progressive management roles, my passion for building high-performing teams has only continued to swell. Today, I am the Senior Manager for the Wealth Management Associate Program (WMAP) and I have the privilege of leading an exceptional team across the country. In my spare time, I enjoy getting outdoors, listening to comedy, and cooking for people!  

Meaghan: I know our readers are excited to learn about the Wealth Management Associate Program, so let’s get into it! Why was the program developed, and what makes it unique compared to our other student programs?

Holly: The WMAP is designed to give young professionals complex and comprehensive training so they can successfully transfer into a wealth career. We are building the next generation of advisors extraordinaire! The program has evolved since its first year and continues to change as we prepare and innovate for the market of tomorrow. It is currently a 12-month program and we work closely with our WMAs to ensure they have the proper skillsets to take on any high-net-worth client challenge! We achieve this through classroom training, case exercises, and mentorship with seasoned professionals in our local markets. What makes this program unique is the collaboration with our WMAP alumni and over 150 subject matter experts that make this program possible! On top of this, some other unique features are the focus on financial planning and business development, the client interaction, the amazing support, and the tailored coaching you receive customized to your strengths and opportunities. 

Meaghan: If a student asked you why they should join the Wealth Management Associate Program, what would you say? 

Holly: We care about you, your learning, and your success. It is the premier Wealth Management program on the street! At Scotia Wealth Management (SWM), we work hard to ensure you are provided with the right experiences that will help you grow. SWM also has a supportive culture where it truly feels like a big family. People genuinely care about your success. If you put in the hard work, many are willing to help you get where you want to go!

Meaghan: The culture sounds amazing – I love the family aspect! What qualities or characteristics would make a student successful in this program? 

Holly: We are looking for hungry rock stars who have the vision to grow in wealth management for the long-term. Typically, our successful candidates want to grow an idea, have a mature demeanor, and are self-starters. As individuals who will be experts in their field, responsible for client acquisition and building relationships with high-net-worth individuals, you are destined for wealth if you have some sales experience and thrive off the human connection!

Meaghan: Once an associate has completed the Wealth Management program, what could their career path look like?

Holly: The associates will evolve into a business development role within SWM depending on their interests and skillset. This can include a Wealth Advisor, Portfolio Manager, Private Banker, Estate and Trust Consultant, Insurance Consultant, or Total Wealth Planner. There are many career paths they can take! It’s been amazing to see the achievements of our alumni, how they have built successful practices, and continued to personally grow and challenge themselves.

Meaghan: Thank you so much for chatting with me today, Holly! One last question – if you had one piece of advice for students, what would it be? 

Holly: Do your homework! If you’re interested in an industry, be proactive, and don’t be afraid to reach out to strangers to learn more. Your proactivity goes a long way! Coffee chats are a great way to network with professionals in the industry – if you haven’t already, make sure you check out our blog on the anatomy of a successful coffee chat for some tips and tricks on starting the conversation!


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