Maria: What initially drove you to want to work at Scotiabank?

Haley: My first thought was “I want to work in a place that has an inclusive, positive, and youth-focused culture”. After researching more about Scotiabank, it became clear that joining the Bank would be a great fit for me. Scotiabank offers opportunities to students by allowing them to participate in projects and share ideas and perspectives with various teams across the organization. The online reviews also had very positive feedback - from employees who are currently working at the Bank and those who have previously worked here - which helped guide my decision to work for this bank in particular.  

Maria: I also love the culture at Scotiabank. Can you define what IT Risk entails and the functions that you manage at the Bank?

Haley: From a high-level, IT Risk is a line of support for the business. In the Canadian Banking Technology unit, we support key stakeholders including application owners, their teams, and our Chief Information Officer, among others. We oversee, report, and track the current state of multiple risk domains and advise stakeholders of key areas to focus on. We also provide instructions for actions that must be taken in a timely manner to reduce any potential financial, operational or reputational losses. For example, one of the key domains our Risk team assesses is software currency where the lifecycle of an application, funding, and security vulnerabilities are analyzed. This helps to detect any possible danger when the lifecycle of technologies within the applications are soon ending.

Maria: Awesome! Can you tell us a little bit about your team?

Haley: On our team, each of us is responsible for “specializing” on certain risk domains. We communicate closely, and often, so that we can bounce ideas and information off of one another to speed up our analysis and gain more insight. Overall, the goal for our team is to be the risk advisors to the existing business lines and maintain extensive oversight over the units we work with.

I truly have loved working on this team because each team member went out of their way to make me feel included, and despite my title as an intern, I was always treated as an equal and trusted to work independently and contribute to driving results. I have been given a great length of opportunities that I wouldn’t have had anywhere else.

Maria: That’s great to hear! With that in mind, what does an average day at the office look like for you?

Haley: When I get into the office every morning I go to my locker, check my emails, and select which of them I need to prioritize. As a team, we always have a regular set of meetings scheduled for each week while others are unexpected, of course. One thing about our team is that we don’t really have a standard daily routine due to the nature of our environment. Things could come our way out of the blue, so we not only plan as much as possible in advance, but also need to be prepared to plan how our days may unfold and take actions quickly.

Maria: Describe yourself in three words.

Haley: Ambitious, personable, and efficient would be the three words I’d use to describe myself. I set a lot of personal goals and I believe that dreams have to be big and even somewhat scary in order to drive people to want more and work that much harder to achieve success. I also like to set daily goals because this helps me to effectively prioritize my everyday balancing of tasks which is essential in a Risk position.

Maria: Absolutely. What has been your highlight of working at Scotiabank?

Haley: For me, it would be the networking opportunities I’ve been presented with. When I first applied, I thought I would simply be working with my direct team only. Little did I know that I would be involved in many projects with various stakeholders across the Bank!

One project that I helped out with was the Technology Risk Control Self-assessment, which is similar to an audit to review the control environment within the Canadian Banking Technology unit. While working on the project, I got to sit down with multiple leaders and gain detailed insights of their key processes and controls. I learned so much about the Bank and how my team can help. Throughout my internship, I was truly valued as I brought a different perspective to the team. I am extremely thankful for this experience and I am hoping to get the opportunity to come back next summer!

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