Discover our Customer Care team: Meet Nikunj and his work leading a bilingual team

In this blog series we will bring you unique stories of Customer Care employees who have navigated different paths to get them to their current role. While each path is different, they all share a common customer focus that has guided them along the way.

Today we meet Nikunj, a Manager of Customer Care retention who started working at Scotiabank in 2011 as a bilingual advisor. He speaks five languages and applying to a bilingual role was outside of his comfort level at the time. A decade later he has worked with more than four different customer care teams, supported international assignments in Contact Centres in Mexico, and acted as a consultant and onboarded new employees at Contact Centres in Toronto and Cornwall. Join us as we learn more about his contributions and learnings.

A multi-lingual newcomer to Canada who took a risk and proved his worth…

“I was born and raised in India, and I came to Canada as an immigrant and made my way up. I'm a manager for customer care retention team with seven bilingual Customer Care Advisors and I've been with the team for over three years now. I initially applied to a bilingual role over 10 years ago, although I speak five languages, I was taking a risk as I had never worked in a French speaking environment. This country, this Bank, and this department truly gives everyone a fair opportunity to shine at what they do and be their best. My first year working at Scotiabank I won the Best of the Best Award* within a French speaking team and I thank my first manager who believed in me and inspired me to coach and develop our people.”

On the true power of a diverse workplace …

“When it comes to diversity, in a true sense we have the diversity of ideas apart from diversity of background. The diversity of ideas creates an inclusive environment where we all work together for one goal but bring different ideas to the table and the miracle of wonderful solutions happens… this is great to see.”

His advice for future Scotiabank Customer Care employees…

“Believe in yourself. If you have the right mindset and a can-do attitude, the sky is the limit here at Scotiabank. There are so many areas of the Bank that offer opportunities for tremendous growth.”

We hope you have enjoyed this installment of our Customer Care series. Our Global Operations group has multiple career paths that revolve around working together to help our customers, with a genuine desire to always be better through continuous improvement, be empowered to drive higher operational efficiency, and be inspired to grow within the organization.

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* Scotiabank recognizes its top performers hard work and achievements via the Best of the Best annual employee award.