The Investment Specialist role at Scotiabank is very attractive as it is part of Global Wealth Management. This area is responsible for delivering comprehensive solutions with a view to achieving strong long-term investment results through a personalized approach to enriching clients’ lives.

The Scotiabank Investment Specialist team is a winning group that values an entrepreneurial culture with the freedom to develop a successful career. The role is in a fast-paced, flexible work environment and partnered with branches to deliver an exceptional client experience.

Additionally, Scotiabank provides leading-edge resources to support employee growth including dedicated marketing support, powerful mobile technology, leading CRM, a robust portfolio, powerful financial planning software, and the strength of the Scotiabank brand. Moreover, two extraordinary advantages: access to Scotia Global Asset Management and the Branch Network. Partnering with branches means having access to promising client leads, and the ability to work out of and access these locations to host client meetings and events. Scotia Global Asset Management, on the other hand, provides a wide range of investment solutions and global experience to help clients achieve their goals.

Learn more about Dawne's career path!

Nathalia: Hi, Dawne! I am Interested in learning more about your career path as an investment specialist. What motivated you to apply for this position at Scotiabank?

Hi Nathalia! I was motivated to apply for the position at Scotiabank because it combined my love of working with families to improve their financial futures with a flexible role that allows for a home-work balance! It's very motivating when you have this flexibility.

Nathalia: Tell us about your experience when you joined the bank. How were the onboarding and training processes?

The onboarding process for me was very interesting! I had experience that started in Wealth Management and Risk Management on the life insurance side, which was a great foundation. However, when I joined I was challenged to learn about the bank from scratch!

Fortunately, I had great support until I got up to speed!  Scotiabank offers an onboarding curriculum that gives you a step-by-step introduction to all the key pieces that you need to perform well in the bank.  This learning is self-managed and interactive.  It is always easy to know what you must do and by when

Nathalia: How would you describe your day-to-day at Scotiabank as an Investment Specialist?

My day-to-day is a combination of…

- Managing my existing client’s investment portfolios, financial and estate planning needs.

- Prospecting for and meeting with new prospective clients who need help with the wealth growth and wealth management aspect of their financial plans.

- Developing holistic financial plans that protect my clients and help them to build even stronger financial futures.

- Being part of a great team at Scotiabank. 

Nathalia:  What unique and highly valued advantages does Scotiabank provide to its Investment Specialists?

The Investment Specialists have access to an excellent suite of high-performing investment options of all types.  This allows us to create portfolios that are customized for every client and helps us consistently help people to achieve their financial goals.

Nathalia:  What is your motivation every day as an Investment Specialist?

My motivation every day is to help people achieve financial independence. To be on a stronger footing for the future for themselves and their families. Financial Planning is my superpower. I feel extremely privileged to be able to help people every day in this way.

Nathalia: How would you describe Scotiabank's culture and your team?

I find Scotiabank’s culture to be inclusive, thoughtful, and caring about people.  In my team, they not only talk the talk.  They also walk the walk.  It’s been a great experience joining Scotiabank.

On my team, I’m surrounded by amazing people who are professional, caring, and competent.  I’m proud to be a Scotiabanker.

Nathalia: Thanks for sharing your story! How motivating and inspiring career path.

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