Our Project Delivery and Support team at Scotiabank is a community of innovative, forward-thinking project management professionals. We work with multiple teams and business lines across the Bank to bring forward technology solutions that better serve both our customers and employees. Unlike traditional project management teams that are structured solely around delivery and results, our Project Delivery and Support team puts a large focus on its people, their development, and fostering an environment to support their career growth.

Hear from one of our Project Managers, Vanessa, on what a typical day looks like on the Project Delivery and Support team from her morning routine to the projects she works on, and everything in between!

Meet Project Manager, Vanessa!

My name is Vanessa and I have Bachelor’s degree in computer science, an MBA in Project Management, and my Scrum master certification. Born and raised in Brazil, I am fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. I started my journey as an IT Project Manager in 2010 and since then, I have managed multi-cultural projects in Latin America, USA, Canada and across Caribbean countries. I began working at Scotiabank 6 years ago, and I started as a contractor but moved to a full-time position only 1 year later. When offered a full-time position at Scotiabank, I had just become a new mom and was looking for stability, good work-life balance, and opportunities to continue to grow my career – all of the things which I knew Scotiabank could offer! In my current role, I am a Project Manager on the Project Delivery and Support team.

As my morning routine, I check my emails, calendar, to-do list, and any outstanding messages. My next step is to begin actioning the items in my to-do list by priority. I keep my home workspace clean and organized so that I can get my best work done! 

I am part of both Agile and Waterfall projects, and we use different ways to communicate with the team depending on the project methodology. We have daily calls with the Scrum team to connect on status, discuss next steps, and remove any barriers to the project. We also have weekly calls with the whole team to share the overall status of project’s schedule, scope, and budget. Throughout the day, we keep each other updated about project statuses through emails, Microsoft Teams messages, and short calls to help speed up the process and keep the momentum.

Currently, I am working on two big projects: one is an internal compliance management tool which we are migrating to a vendor hosted solution, and the other is a private banking project in which we are moving from a manual to an automated way of running day-to-day activities. To manage both projects simultaneously and ensure deadlines are hit, I break big tasks down into smaller deliverables. If I get pulled into a meeting, or asked to complete a different task, I will keep post-it notes on my monitor to remind me where I left off and to keep my priorities in line.

Although days can get very busy, I ensure that I take breaks to keep myself energized. I try my best to exercise at least four times a week as it helps me focus, and I make sure to take a lunch break each day to recharge!

When challenges arise, it is important to have a strong support team to reach out to for help. My direct manager is always available when I need guidance, and we have bi-weekly calls with the greater team to share ideas, updates, challenges, and lessons learned. We also have a virtual Project Management Community chat that I use to receive help or advice from a peer. This resource allows project managers to quickly ask questions, share knowledge, and network with one another.

Beyond my day-to-day work, Scotiabank offers diversified training and development programs that I use to advance my personal and professional career goals. To network with others across the Bank, I have been working as a Strategic Support Partner for the past year with the Scotiabank Black Employee Network – an internal Employee Resource Group that advances Scotiabank’s inclusive culture, informs and drives organizational change, and develops high-performing leaders across the Bank. I am also one of the leaders on the Project Delivery and Support engagement team, and I have had the opportunity to participate in our international mentoring program which helped me enhance my skillset and further my professional development.

Being a part of the Project Delivery and Support team brings me immense gratitude. Each day, I am challenged to be better, overcome obstacles, and pursue my career goals. In addition to my strong belief in Scotiabank’s culture and values, I have great admiration for the people who I work with. The feeling that we will go further together is what fuels my passion and makes me so excited to be a part of this great team.

If you are a Project Management professional looking to take the next step in your career, we’re hiring.