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Keeping pace with today's farms and agri-businesses

We've been providing financial services to Canadian farms and agri-businesses for more than 180 years and we've seen a lot of change along the way. From small family farms to large-scale producers and processors, we have responded to our customers' changing needs. But one thing remains constant – our commitment to serve those that feed our nation.

We stand by grain farmers and agribusiness

Scotiabank is working with Western Canadian grain agribusiness by offering revolving loans and flexible repayment terms to help manage cash flow.

We are committed to supporting the Western Grain Industry – let us help you.

What makes us unique?

  • Recognizing special needs of Canadian farms and agri-businesses
  • Specially designed products and services
  • Commitment to our customers' futures, including succession planning for the next generation
  • Highest degree of flexibility

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