Scotiabank MasterpassTM

Check out with just one click for fast, simple and secure online shopping.

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A fast way to pay

No more entering your card and shipping information every time you shop. 
Simply enroll with all your Scotiabank credit cards (Mastercard, Visa and American Express cards) and debit cards (Visa Debit) to fast track check out.

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Just look for the Masterpass button when you're ready to pay.

Accepted at thousands of your favourite stores

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Secure payments from one account 


Scotiabank Masterpass has you covered with multi-tiered security to keep your transactions private and guarded.

Getting started is easy

Create your Scotiabank Masterpass account and choose from all your Scotiabank eligible credit or debit card(s).*


1. Sign up

Visit and sign in with your Scotiabank online banking credentials


2. Add your cards

Choose from all your eligible Scotiabank credit and debit cards.


3. One click check out

Pay with just one click every time you choose Masterpass at check out.

Frequently Asked Questions


Scotiabank Masterpass is a digital wallet service that makes online shopping easy, secure, and convenient. MasterPass stores all your payment and shipping information in one central, secure location. With Masterpass, you can shop, click and check out faster online with eligible Debit cards (Visa Debit), and Credit cards (Mastercard, Visa and American Express).

No, there is no cost.

Scotiabank Masterpass is powered by Mastercard and Scotiabank, which have long-standing reputation of trust and security.

Scotiabank Visa Debit, and Mastercard, Visa and American Express credit cards are eligible with the exception of pre-paid cards or business credit cards.



You can also instantly sign up for an account when shopping on a website that accepts Masterpass or when you see the Scotiabank Masterpass Check out option, select it and follow the enrollment steps with your Scotiabank debit or credit cards.

First sign into your Scotiabank Masterpass wallet through and then click Edit beside the appropriate field.


When shopping online at merchants that accept Masterpass, you will see the check out section that says “Check out with”, and a “Masterpass” button:

masterpass button

Or a “Scotiabank Masterpass” button

scotiabank masterpass logos

If you have created a Scotiabank Masterpass wallet, click on the button, sign in with your Scotiabank online/mobile banking credentials, and then follow the prompts to complete the order.

Manage Account

After signing into your Scotiabank Masterpass account, click on Add Card. Enter the card details and validate CVV. 
To remove a card, select the card to remove and select Delete.

After signing in to your Scotiabank Masterpass account, click Edit on the Manage my Masterpass Account screen. Update the shipping/billing information and click Continue.
Note: You cannot edit your billing address on a card unless you re-enter your card in your Scotiabank Masterpass wallet.

To change my preferred payment card, sign in to your Scotiabank Masterpass account and select the card you want to make your preferred payment card.

You can contact Scotiabank for help at 1-800-387-6466.