Financial Access Program

Empowering survivors of human trafficking

About the program


At Scotiabank, we are guided by our purpose, for every future. We are committed to empowering our communities and reducing inequalities by removing barriers to advancement. For survivors of human trafficking, these barriers can be towering.

Having overcome exploitation, survivors may have the added burden of reclaiming their identity documentation and either re-storing, or establishing, access to financial services. Further, survivors may have had their identification documents confiscated, and their financial accounts compromised by their traffickers. These undue consequences of exploitation can further complicate a survivor’s journey to financial independence.

A path forward

We know that a more inclusive, equitable society doesn't happen on its own. Since 2019, we have partnered with organizations across Canada to create pathways to financial remedy for survivors of human trafficking.

Scotiabank's Financial Access Program provides a suite of customized financial products, including financial literacy guidance, to meet the individual needs of program participants. These products and services are supported by a survivor-centered approach to banking and delivered by specially trained Scotiabank Advisors, at participating branches.

What we offer

Tailored banking services

Our suite of banking products includes a free checking account, savings account, and a no annual fee credit card 1

Financial literacy guidance

Every participant in the Program is provided with financial literacy guidance tailored to meet their specific needs.

Specially trained Scotiabank advisors

Participants will meet with select Scotiabank Advisors who have received trauma awareness and sensitivity training.

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Survivors of human trafficking have experienced extreme abuse, including financial abuse, resulting in a host of challenges for Survivors seeking to remedy or establish access to financial services. Scotiabank’s Financial Access Program allows Survivors to regain financial control, a key indicator of recovery, and provides a renewed sense of economic empowerment, serving as an additional safeguard from exploitation. The program’s trauma-sensitive approach, supported by trained staff, was embraced by our participants, as they seek to rebuild their extraordinary lives.

Marian De Martino – Director, The Salvation Army Illuminate


Contact us

If you are a survivor service organization interested in becoming a partner or would like more information about the Financial Access Program, please contact:

Survivor Service Organization

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Scotiabank's Financial Access Program was created through our participation Financial Against Slavery & Trafficking's (FAST) Survivor Inclusion Initiative, to provide remedy through access to safe and reliable financial products and services. This is in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goal 8, Target 8.7: Take immediate and effective measure to end modern slavery and human trafficking.


To learn more about Scotiabank's Financial Access Program, please see our ESG publications and related policies below: 

Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline

If you are a victim/survivor of forced prostitution or forced labour, or believe someone else might be, call the Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline at  




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