Precious Metals

Convenient access to gold,silver,platinum and palladium

Canada's Precious Metals Bank

ScotiaMocatta™, our precious and base metals division, is one of the world's largest dealers in precious metals, with roots dating back over three centuries.

Products and Services

Whether you're looking for personal investment products or the perfect keepsake, ScotiaMocatta provides convenient options to buy gold, silver, platinum and palladium, including:

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  • Coins Open glossary
  • Scotiabank Bar Products Open glossary
  • Certificates

Ways to buy

In branch
Precious metals can be ordered through your local Scotiabank branch in Canada as well as select branches in Mexico.
Buying gold and silver online is easy, convenient and secure through the ScotiaMocatta eStore.

For more information on product availability and how to buy and sell precious metals, please visit ScotiaMocatta.

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