MPSA Appreciation Bonus Offer Terms

The 0.60% Appreciation Bonus Interest Rate Offer (the “Offer”) is only available to selected Bank of Nova Scotia (“Scotiabank”) customers who have received this Offer directly from Scotiabank addressed to them, and who hold a MomentumPLUS Savings Account (“MPSA”) either jointly or individually as of February 3, 2020 (each an “Eligible MPSA Holder”).

Between February 4, 2020 and May 5, 2020 (the “Offer Period”), Eligible MPSA Holders will receive an additional 0.60% per annum (the “0.60% Appreciation Bonus Interest Rate”) on their MPSA balances, including new deposits made during the Offer Period.

The Regular Interest Rate plus the 0.60% Appreciation Bonus Interest Rate is calculated daily on the MPSA(s) closing balance(s) and paid at the end of each month during the Offer Period. Refer to the Current Rates Page for current MPSA interest rates, including the Regular Interest Rate, which are subject to change at any time without advance notice. The 0.60% Appreciation Bonus Interest Rate will cease to apply as of May 6, 2020. MPSAs must be open and in good standing at the time of any 0.60% Appreciation Bonus Interest Rate payout in order to be paid. 

For purposes of this Offer, a MPSA is not in ‘good standing’ if it has a negative balance or the account holder is in breach of the account agreement with Scotiabank.

This Offer is not available on any new MPSAs opened during the Offer Period. All other terms and conditions of the MPSA continue to apply (refer to for details).

This Offer, including the 0.60% Appreciation Bonus Interest Rate, may be changed, cancelled or extended at any time, in whole or in part, without notice.