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Are you excited to plot out how you're going to use your vacation days in 2020? Travel adventures don't just give us a break from our routines, but they also allow us to learn about different cultures, live in the moment, and take amazing, unforgettable photos to share with friends when we post them online.

If you need some inspiration about where to travel in the upcoming year, here are some of the top travel destinations for 2020.

1. Osaka, Japan

Are you a foodie who travels primarily to try new dishes? Osaka is known as the 'Nation's Kitchen,' because it's a vibrant hub of creative cuisine. Check out Osaka's Dotonbori district for great restaurants and try the sushi, takoyaki, and okonomiyaki – all things Osaka is famous for. Be sure you go to a Kabuki or Bunraku theatre production while there – they have simultaneous English translations for those who don't speak Japanese. If you go in the spring, plan to be there in time for the city's beautiful cherry blossom festival.

2. Bangkok, Thailand

If you've watched the Netflix series 'Street Food,' you might have been entranced with the Bangkok episode. As you should be – Bangkok is home to some delicious street food like chef Jay Fai's food cart that boasts a Michelin star. After you've eaten your fill, Bangkok is known for its night life so be sure to enjoy the city's live music and clubs.

3. Bogota, Colombia

If Colombia isn’t high on your destination list, it should be. The country just lifted its Reciprocity Fee for Canadian travelers in 2019 and Bogota is a great city to visit. Known for its nightlife and art, it's a great spot to go for New Year's Eve or during a festival. If you travel there, be sure to get outside the city to hike in the Chingaza National Park and try the traditional soup, a dish called ajiaco which is made with potatoes, chicken, corn, rice, and avocado.

4. New York, New York

New York is always a popular destination, but it will likely gain ground in 2020 since airfare to the city can be fairly low since so many flights are headed there. Travel to the Big Apple for the food, live theatre, shopping, and museums. Stroll through Central Park, go see the Statue of Liberty, or visit Coney Island to ride a coaster. Better yet, do it while wearing an 'I heart NY' t-shirt. Live all the New York City tourist clichés!

5. Calgary, Alberta

You don't need a passport to travel someplace exciting! If you're wanting to stay closer to home this winter consider going to Calgary or Banff as a ski destination. Ski the Canada Olympic Park or head to Banff, a UNESCO World Heritage site set in the Canadian Rockies. After a day on the slopes, relax at the chalet or check out the Calgary Tower for beautiful views.

6. Galway, Ireland

If you have time to go overseas and jet lag doesn't leave you quaking in fear, consider heading to Galway, Ireland. It's gaining attention for its intersection of culture, food, and festivals. Consider taking a day drip to see the Cliffs of Moher. If you go in September, check out the Galway International Oyster Festival. The best part? Galway is the 2020 European City of Culture – which means expect great cultural events all year long.

7. Bonn, Germany

Why should you go to Bonn? There are so many good reasons it made Lonely Planet's 2020 travel destination list.  One of those reasons is that it's celebrating Ludwig van Beethoven's 250th birthday this year. There will be a number of stagings of Beethoven's music which will draw orchestras and soloists from around the world. It's also a lovely location to enjoy art in the city's many museums or to visit the area's castles.

Beethoven monument in Bonn, Germany.

8. Vancouver, Canada

Guess which Canadian city also made the Lonely Planet list for the top 10 travel destinations in 2020? That's right – Vancouver. While the city is known for its rainy winters, it has a beautiful cherry blossom festival in the spring, pristine beaches and great hiking trails in the summer. Rent a bike and ride it around Stanley Park. Go for a picnic at Spanish Banks beach. Get matcha ice cream from one of the dozens of artisanal ice cream stores.

9. Dubai, UAE

If you've never been to Dubai, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the towering skyscrapers, beautiful beaches, opulent food, and extreme luxury. This year, they'll be hosting World Expo 2020 where 190 nations will converge on the city for 173 days to highlight innovation. Learn the latest about flying cars and sustainable design at the show and then take a break at a luxurious bar.

Book Your Destination

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