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Whether it's a weekend or an entire week, time off is well-deserved and something to look forward to. By now you may have some vacation days racked up and are ready for a break. Before you pack your bags and think big, consider calling your city “vacation spot” and enjoying a staycation. When you choose to stay home during your time off, you can properly explore your city.

An All-Day Matinee

Choose a movie or live theater and take in some daytime entertainment you would normally not have the time to see. When you have time off, take in the arts and go all out and make it extravagant. If you opt for a big screen showing, why not make it a double feature?

And since you're saving by staying home, splurge at the concession stand. Order the extra buttery popcorn, big boxes of candy, and an extra-large fountain drink.

If you’re lucky enough to live near a theatre, check out a play or musical. You'd be surprised at how many hidden gems are available in your neighborhood.

Don’t want to leave the comfort of your couch? Create your own movie festival at home. Get all your favourite snacks, turn on your streaming service of choice and watch the movies that have been sitting in your queue. Upgrade your day by ordering in from your favourite restaurant or get movie popcorn delivered.  

Must-See Museums

Whether you are into art or natural history, there’s a museum for everyone. You can visit one place in the afternoon or find a few museums and spend a couple hours at each. Look for special exhibits and installations, kid-friendly galleries, and other limited-time events. Don’t forget to pick up some souvenirs, for yourself or to share with family and friends.

Restaurant “Crawl”

Pick your favorite food and find all the nearby restaurants that serve it up. Whether it’s pizza, tacos, or ice cream, get to know the best available options near you. Set up a delicious crawl that you, your friends and family can spend the day enjoying your favourites (or until you need a break from snacking). The best part: you can keep going back even after your staycation is over.

What’s Playing?

When’s the last time you went out to cheer for your home team in person? Go all out, treat yourself to delicious stadium food and get ready to root for your team. Beyond enjoying watching your team play, games are a great way to spend time with your friends and family. For an added adventure, go see a game you don’t know a lot about and have fun taking in a new sport.

Not a sports fan? Check out what concerts are going on in your area. Whether it’s a band you have loved for years or a group you’ve just heard of, live music makes for a great night and wonderful memories.

Spa Day

Time off means “me time.” Choose a local spa or salon and get pleasantly pampered. Whether you want a basic manicure or a full-body deep tissue massage, but make sure to enjoy the moment and unwind. After all, this is a vacation - even if you never left town. You will return to work more relaxed, perhaps with a new haircut or style. Your co-workers will wonder where you've been, but your stay-home vacation will have treated you as well as a week at the beach.

Enjoy your staycation and see your city from a whole new perspective.

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