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One of the world’s most magical cities, going to Venice feels a bit like traveling back in time. This popular city offers incredibly experiences, whether you love architecture, culture or food. Here are 4 things we think you need to do in this amazing city.

1. Enjoy a gelato in St. Mark’s Square

In the heart of the city, St. Mark’s Square is a must-do on your trip. Take in every angle of the view, with the spectacular St. Mark’s Cathedral looming over one side. Grab a gelato to enjoy the area on a sunny day, but prepare to defend it from the thousands of pigeons who call the square home.

San Marco square in Venice, Italy

2. Get serenaded by a gondolier on ride through the canals

“Isn’t it too touristy to take a gondola ride?” you might be thinking. Well, it is definitely touristy, but this is something that is worth embracing the fact that you are, in fact, a tourist. Watch the world slow down as you float along, enjoying great views and the musical styling of your gondolier.

3. Hop on a ferry to visit Murano and Burano Islands

A short ferry ride away, these two islands are each well worth spending an afternoon exploring. In Murano, you can take a tour to get to know the craft behind the famous and beautiful Murano glass. The deliriously colourful island of Burano is admired for its fantastic lacemaking. Burano is also home to some fantastic local restaurants like Alla Maddalena.

4. Take in a performance at La Fenice

An iconic theatre that first opened in 1792, La Fenice is a spectacular place to enjoy an opera, ballet or concert. If you aren’t interested in seeing a show, it’s still well worth it to take a tour to check out the amazing architecture of the building.