Bank Notes

It’s one of our favourite times of year, when rainbow flags are flying to celebrate Pride Month across Canada and at our Scotiabank locations around the world. We’re excited to recognize our tremendous LGBT+ colleagues and customers.

We spoke to our LGBT+ employees about Pride and about what working for an inclusive employer means to them. Here’s what they had to say.

Watch the video here:

Sherri, Lending Services Officer, Canada - “I realized my true self while I was employed with Scotiabank. I slowly transitioned from coming to work every day in dresses and heels to wearing blazers, ties and my chinos. Not one person questioned me when I had a picture of me and another girl at my desk. This was so important to me in such a huge part of my life. I was able to be my truest self.”

Lincoln, Executive Director, Global Transaction Banking, Mexico - “Working in a secure environment is crucial. I would never work in a company if I had to pretend to be someone else.”

Alfonso, Manager, Execution and Client Service, Canada -“Pride is a celebration of diversity and remembering our past. Having everyone represented and included means everyone wins.”

Rafo, Director, Marketing and CSR, Peru – “To me, Pride is all about believing in yourself, which in itself is a beautiful thing since it allows us to believe in others as well.”

Teneshia, Recruitment Consultant, Canada - “Working for an inclusive employer is shameless freedom. It means being comfortable coming to work without having to hide who we are supported in what makes us different, unique and stronger together.”

Kevin, Manager, Business Analysis, Canada - “To me, Pride is all about celebrating our uniqueness. Learning from others’ unique perspectives makes us better-rounded people.”

Margo, Vice President, Financial Institutions, Canada – “Every voice brings value to our shared existence. To me, Pride is the strength of my LGBT+ community and the joy we contribute to society.”

Leonel, Senior Manager, Marketing, Mexico - “Pride is all about celebrating life and being able to show our true selves.”