While Canadians are looking forward to doing the things they haven’t been able to do in a long time, when it comes to their finances, they’re planning to continue with some saving and spending habits established during the pandemic.

Top 3 activities Canadians look forward to doing in life after the pandemic

30% - Attending large gatherings with family and friends

16% - Travelling by air outside of Canada

14% - Dining in a restaurant with a large group of friends

Have Canadians been able to save?

  • 46% of Canadians say they have been able to save more money during the pandemic than in a more typical year
  • 56% of 18- to 34-year-olds have been able to save more money during the pandemic, compared with 46% of those ages 55+ and 41% of those ages 35-54
  • 49% of Ontarians say they’ve been able to save more money than usual vs. 38% of Atlantic Canadians (NL, PE, NS, NB) who have been able to save more than usual

Saving and spending habits


28% - plan to keep building up their emergency savings

47% - think they will be able to maintain the same level of saving after life returns to a more normal state after the pandemic

25% - don't think they'll be able to manage the same level of saving


34% - plan to continue doing more research before making purchases

36% - of Canadians plan to continue eliminating unnecessary or discretionary spending

28% - plan to continue with a monthly budget

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This article originally appeared in Advice Matters.