VISA payWave

Video Transcript


Life's busy and you nee dot save time where you can. That's why we're introducing a convenient new feature to select Scotiabank VISA cards.

VISA payWave is a new way to pay with your Scotiabank VISA card. Designed to help you save time when you're making small everyday purchases. No more swiping, signing, or entering your PIN. Just wave, pay and go. And as always, you'll be protected with VISA's zero liability policy. If you have a Scotiabank VISA card, with this symbol, you can start waving to pay at participating retailers today.

So, how does VISA payWave work? Now, instead of fumbling for change or breaking a large bill, all you have to do is look for this symbol at the checkout, waive your card in front of the reader, and go.

(laughter, slightly embarrassed)

VISA payWave is especially convenient at the gas pump, when you want to be on your way. Just wave to pay, pump and go.

You can even use VISA payWave at participating cinemas. Just wave, pay and go.

Unfortunately VISA payWave won't help you save time deciding on which movie to go and see.

By using VISA payWave you can get whatever you need fast. So go ahead and make life a little simpler because now, all you need is your Scotiabank VISA card with VISA payWave to pay for small everyday purchases at these and other participating retailers. More retailers are being added all the time.

And remember, if you have one of these Scotiabank VISA cards, but don't have VISA payWave, call us today and we'll send you one so you can start waving too.