Charities and Endowments

2013 Learning Series

Welcome to our ten-week learning series for foundations and endowments. Starting September 17, 2013, we will be publishing educational videos and articles highlighting what Scotia Institutional Asset Management can offer in the areas of:

  • Philanthropic expertise

  • Investment management, portfolio construction, and policy guidance

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    Current Challenges

    Malcolm Burrows writes about the legal and governance challenges facing endowments today.

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    Reality Check

    James Gauthier advises investors not to look in the rear view mirror when investing for the future.

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    Current Trends

     Tanya Lee and Pauline Yan explore what other endowments are doing with their investment portfolios.

    Read article (PDF: 273.6 kb)

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    Investment Management

    Scotia Institutional Asset Management can help your organization increase your charitable impact through your investment portfolio.

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    Advisory Services

    Scotia Wealth Management provides advisory services that help you fulfil your philanthropic objectives.

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