Credit Line for agriculture

Right for you if: 

  • You want a revolving line of credit for your agribusiness

  • You want payment flexibility tied to the seasonal cash flow of the agricultural industry

  • Payment flexibility
    tied to seasonal cash flow.

  • Ease of access to funds

  • Simple record keeping of expenses

  • PLUS:

    Optional life insurance.

    • Credit up to $1,000,000 Canadian
    • Exact dollar borrowing to keep interest expenses down
    • Interest payable monthly; no set prepayment schedule for principal
    • Competitive floating interest rate
    • You decide when and how much to borrow and you only pay interest on the borrowed amount
    • You can access funds at a Scotiabank branch or by using any of our electronic banking services
    • All account activity is recorded on one monthly statement
    • When you make a deposit to your account, it will automatically reduce your borrowed amount and interest charges
    • We can also supply a note loan, letter of guarantee, standby letter of credit or commercial letter of credit

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