Scotiabank AgriInvest Deposit Account

Right for you if: 

  • You want a savings account that can help you manage small income declines

  • You want to receive matching government contributions

  • Simple withdrawals
    Have the flexibility to withdraw funds when you need them.

  • No account maintenance or transaction fees
    No matter what your account balance is.

  • Daily interest paid monthly

  • PLUS:

    Canada Revenue Agency will issue an earned interest income tax receipt every year.

    Noteworthy: You can open a Scotiabank AgriInvest Deposit Account once you receive your AgriInvest Account Initiation form from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC).

    To be eligible for AgriInvest benefits you'll need an AgriInvest deposit account at a participating financial institution.1 Scotiabank is proud to support Canadian agriculture and the AgriInvest program by offering you our Scotiabank AgriInvest Deposit Account.2

    To open this account, please bring your Account Initiation Form to your local Scotiabank branch. Then, to receive matching government contributions3, simply make a deposit to your AgriInvest account in the amount indicated on your form.

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