Operational & Service Support Contacts

In Toronto, Canada


Letter of Credit/Guarantee inquiries

Mr. Rajan Sharma
Trade Finance Risk Control
T: (647) 943-1524
Email: rajanr.sharma@scotiabank.com

GWO- Money Transfer Payment Operations
Ms. Karla Layne
GWO- Money Transfer Payment Operations
T: (416) 866-3687
Email: karla.layne@scotiabank.com

GWO-Payment Investigations
Ms. Lisa Rea
Senior Operations Manager, Investigations
GWO-Payment Investigations
T: (416) 866-6302 F: (416) 866-2092
Email: lisa.rea@scotiabank.com

GWO-Account Management Services
Mr. Jonathan Ham
Manager, Correspondent Accounts
GWO-Account Management Services
T: (416) 866-6103 F: (416) 866-2092
Email: jonathan.ham@scotiabank.com

Ms. JoAnn Abbott
Senior Operations Manager, Nostro Accounts
Global Wholesale Operations
T: (416) 866-5704 F: (416) 866-2092
Email: joann.abbott@scotiabank.com

Ms. Menka Petrovska
Manager, Investigations
GWO-Payments Investigations
T: (416) 866-6841 F: (416) 866-2092
Email: menka.petrovska@scotiabank.com

Ms. Andrea DePalma
Manager, Investigation Services
GWO-Payments Investigation
T: (416) 645-6843 F: (416) 866-2092
Email: andrea.depalma@scotiabank.com

Money Market inquiries
Mr. Austin Thomas
Associate Director, Trader (Canadian)
40 King Street W
T: (416) 866-4260 F: (416) 933-2343
Email: austin.thomas@scotiabank.com

Mr. Mark O’Connor
US Intl Money Markets & Funding
T: (212) 225-5550
Email: mark.oconnor@scotiabank.com

T: (416) 862-3213
Toll Free Forex Line: 1-800-830-2407
(For Rates and Transactions)

The Bank of Nova Scotia
Trade Services & Financial Institutions
Global Transaction Banking
20 Richmond St East, 2nd Floor,
Toronto, ON M5C 2R9,

S.W.I.F.T. address for all departments is NOSCCATT