Yield More FinancingTM for Agriculture

Farm supplies and flexible lines of credit for your business

Your farm supply dealer and Scotiabank have teamed up to make your life easier. Scotiabank’s Yield More Financing™ program is a convenient, easy to access, revolving credit line available right at your farm supply dealer.

The features you want and the convenience you need.
  • A year-round line of credit that revolves with the cash flow of your business
  • Competitive, prime-based1 interest rates
  • Due dates that allow for ample time to market your crop after harvest
  • Up to $50,000* unsecured
  • Easily apply by telephone, online or with your farm supply dealer
  • Credit can be used for any item on the dealers purchase invoice
  • Payments are not required during the growing season between April and December, provided you stay within your authorized limit
How it Works

It’s simple, really. Once you have been approved your line of credit can accessed directly with your farm supply dealer for any item on the dealers invoice.

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