Global Cash Management

Simplify how you manage your cash flow

Our customized cash management solutions are built using an extensive network of branches, subsidiaries and affiliates, plus on-the-ground strategic partners.

  • Access to local banking services in 60+ markets

  • Real-time information and immediate access

  • Customized global banking and cash management solutions for your business


    • Immediate access to local banking services in more than 60 international markets
    • On-the-ground banking and cash management services provided by our extensive network of branches, subsidiaries, affiliates and strategic partners
    • Specialized products that help you achieve your cross-border banking needs

    Centralized control of your global payments, collections, and information reporting

    Ideal solution to simplify cross-border payment, collection, and reconciliation processes:

    • Send us your files containing payment and collection instructions in your preferred format through our secure and reliable channel
    • Scotiabank will convert your files to country specific file specifications, and we will deliver the files to the specified destination(s) for processing
    • Receive consolidated electronic account statements generated from your international accounts

    Scotiabank offers the ability to send and receive SWIFT messaging in countries throughout North America and around the world

    Scotiabank supports a variety of SWIFT services:

    • Send and receive SWIFT messages to and from countries throughout North America and around the world
    • Use FileAct to support various Scotiabank file-based cash management services such as ScotiaDirect®, Comprehensive Payables and Global File Transfer Service
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