Cheque Image Services

Right for you if:

  • You receive any number of cheques

  • You want to reduce administrative work

  • Eliminate the need to store physically cleared cheques

  • Reduce administration

  • Choose between low volume and high volume service:

    • Cheque Image Statements less than 250 cheques per month
    • Cheque Image DVD ROM 250 or more cheques per month
  • PLUS: Online Cheque Image Services

    View front and back images of cleared cheques through ScotiaConnect® or Scotia OnLine®

    Ideal for low volumes of cheques

    Receive printed image copies of the front of your cleared cheques with your account statements

    Customize how you sort your cheque images:
    • Posting date (processed date)
    • Serial number
    • Amount (ascending or descending)
    Choose from two double-sided layouts:
    • Increased readability
      Two columns x four rows
    • Maximize cheque images per page
      Three columns x six rows*
    Ideal for high volume of cheques (250+ per month)

    Receive cleared cheque images (front and back) on a DVD ROM

    Create your own secure archive

    Plus, eliminate cost and time delays of cheque recall from microfilm or physical cheque files

    Faster accounting research and reconciliation

    View, store, print, fax and e-mail images

    Flexible delivery options:
    • Weekly
    • Bi-weekly
    • Monthly and more
    Acceptable proof of payment includes:
    • Certified true copy of a cheque
    • Image copies captured by a financial institution
    A certified true copy of a cheque can be obtained by contacting:
    • Servicing Branch (Small Business)
    • Business Service Centre 1-888-855-1234 (Commercial)
    • Customer Service & Support 1-800-265-5613 (Corporate)

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