Cash Concentration

Manage liquidity more effectively

We work with you to maximize your cash flow

Receive value, track and reconcile receipts from field offices to remote agents. Our Cash Plan Service works with you to:

  • Maximize cash resources by immediately crediting your central account
  • Access optional electronic reporting through ScotiaConnect®
  • Deposit serial number options to facilitate your deposit reconciliation
  • Link Night Deposit and Lockbox Services with Consolidated Cash Plan for seamless funds collection
  • Receive immediate value on deposits at Scotiabank branches or other financial institutions in Canada
  • Increase your cash flow by receiving Canada and US Dollar deposits through any financial institution in Canada

Consolidate Your Cash

We can help you combine deposits in Canadian or US funds – from field office representatives, customers or other authorized agents through any domestic Scotiabank branch.

What if a Scotiabank is not locally available?

Authorized company agents can make deposits at any other Canadian financial institution and transfer the funds with a toll-free fax or interactive voice response system for immediate credit to your account.

Maximize your cash resources 

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