Cash Management Services

Maximize your cashflow
Remote Deposit Service

  • Conveniently cash cheques
  • Reconcile your deposits with advanced reporting
  • Use your chosen accounting/ERP software and a compatible cheque scanner

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Cash Concentration

  • Manage liquidity more effectively
  • Maximize cash resources by immediately crediting your central account
  • Consolidate Your Cash

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Balance Management

  • Set your target balances, our systems will do the rest
  • Automatically transfer funds between your accounts
  • Anytime, anywhere business banking

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Balance Consolidation

  • Know your balance automatically
  • Earn interest or pay interest only on your net
  • Anytime, anywhere business banking

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Electronic Cheque & Services

  • Reconciliation & Fraud Detection
  • Cheque image Services

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Merchant Services

  • Faster funding for improved cash flow
  • Next day credit, even on weekends

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  • Put business banking at your fingertips
  • Control how and when your payments are made
  • Maximize your cash resources

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  • Cost-reducing solutions
  • Maximize your working capital by accelerating your receivables
  • Pre-authorized payments, bill payment solutions, outsourced lockbox
    services and more

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Global Cash Management

  • Simplify how you manage your cash flow
  • Access to local banking services in 60+ markets
  • Real-time information and immediate access

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Bulk Interac e-Transfer*

  • Eliminate cheques save time
  • Reduce payment processing time
  • Get detailed reporting to track transactions

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