Request for Sponsorship

Sponsorship Eligibility Criteria

Scotiabank's Canadian Sponsorship Team does not manage charity, not-for-profit or university/college donations/events. Instead, please visit our Community programs site.

The Canadian Sponsorship Team will only consider sponsoring events/programs that:
  • Occur within Canada. For sponsorship funding opportunities outside of Canada, please contact S&
  • Align to one of our three priorities--hockey, the arts, marathons
  • Create a stronger future for young people and build vibrant communities across Canada
  • Have broad-based support
  • Have a record of achievement, or potential for success, in line with our overall goals
  • Address a community need and provide economic and social impact to the community served
  • Include planned, measured outcomes, supported by a sound evaluation process
  • Have organizations with audited financial statements, solid financial practices, and a sustainable funding model
  • Offer an opportunity for Scotiabank employee volunteer involvement
  • Provide marketing opportunities, including customer programs and community engagement
Scotiabank's Canadian Sponsorship Team will not sponsor events/programs that are:
  • Outside of Canada
  • Discriminating, based on sex, age, race, national or ethnic backgrounds, religion, sexual orientation, values, religious beliefs, gender identity, marital status, family status, religious organization, veteran status, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law
  • Political, advocacy, governmental, fraternal, labour, or veterans groups
  • Travel by groups, teams or individuals
  • Conferences, conventions, seminars, symposiums, tradeshows, workshops, or award ceremonies
  • Concerts, festivals, pageants, galas, and musicals
  • Public or private educational institutions for grades K-12, including groups, events, teams, team travel, student organizations, playgrounds or scholarships
  • Business, industry or member-based associations
  • Day cares, pre-kindergartens, pre-schools
  • Assisted living, recreational or civic centres
  • Ads in yearbooks or community guides
  • Specific film productions

Don't meet the criteria?

You may want to explore the Community programs site. You can also contact your Scotiabank branch to inquire about local support.

How to Apply for Sponsorship

Organizations that meet the sponsorship eligibility criteria should email their sponsorship proposal and supporting documentation to for sponsorship consideration.