Tomorrow, Canadians from coast to coast to coast will come together to celebrate the 155th anniversary of our Confederation – the founding moment of our great country. This year’s celebrations will be all the more meaningful following two, very long years marked by isolation and extreme caution. I intend to spend the day enjoying the company of my family and a few friends. It’s my hope that you have plans to enjoy the Canada Day celebrations, in your own way.

This year in particular, given all of the uncertainty in the world around us, I am grateful to call Canada my home. I can think of no other place I would rather live, work, or have raised my family. I'm also grateful to work for a company that champions Canadian values wherever we operate.

For many around the world, Canada continues to be a beacon of freedom, hope, and tolerance and an example of what a diverse people joined in common purpose can achieve. And so, whether you’re new to Canada or whether your family has been here for generations, let's use the coming anniversary as an opportunity to re-dedicate ourselves to our Canadian values and thereby help to ensure that our country remains the true north, strong and free.
Happy Canada Day, one and all.


Brian J. Porter
President and CEO, Scotiabank