Preferred Shares

Find key features of Scotiabank’s preferred shares

Registered holders of Scotiabank preferred shares are eligible to participate in the Shareholder Dividend and Share Purchase Plan to receive dividends in the form of common shares. All outstanding issues of Scotiabank preferred shares are non-cumulative.

Record and payment dates for Fiscal 2024

Series 40


Record date: January 3, 2024
Payment date: January 29, 2024


Record date: April 2, 2024
Payment date: April 26, 2024


Record date: July 3, 2024
Payment date: July 29, 2024


Record date: October 2, 2024
Payment date: October 29, 2024

Key features1,2

The following is a summary of some of the key terms of The Bank of Nova Scotia's Perferred Shares. To obtain additional information, please refer to the respective prospectus.

Series 40

Ticker Symbol 

Issue Price 


Redemption Date 
Jan 27, 2024 
(and every 5 years thereafter)

Redemption Price 

Bank CUSIP No. 
06415E 30 3

Dividend Taxation

The federal Income Tax Act, and most provincial income tax legislation, taxes Canadian individuals who receive eligible dividends at a lower rate. All of the dividends paid by the Bank of Nova Scotia, and any of its subsidiaries, in 2006 are eligible dividends and all dividends paid hereafter will be eligible dividends unless indicated otherwise.