Safeguarding Personal Information

Principle #7: Safeguarding Personal Information

Scotiabank protects personal information with safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the information.

7.1 Scotiabank safeguards personal information from loss or theft, and from unauthorized access, disclosure, duplication, use, or modification.

7.2 Scotiabank’s safeguards vary depending on the sensitivity, amount, distribution, format, and storage of the personal information. Scotiabank gives the highest level of protection to the most sensitive personal information.

7.3 Scotiabank safeguards personal information through security measures. For example:

  • Physical security, such as secure locks on filing cabinets and restricted access to offices;
  • Organizational security, such as controlled entry in data centres and limited access to relevant information; and
  • Electronic security, such as passwords, personal identification numbers, and encryption.

7.4 Scotiabank informs its staff regularly about Scotiabank’s policies and procedures for protecting customers' personal information, and emphasizes the importance of complying with them. As a condition of employment, employees are required to conform to Scotiabank’s policies and procedures.

7.5 Scotiabank may disclose personal information to third parties for printing cheques, data processing services or administrative services, collection of debts, or for other goods and services. Scotiabank requires these third parties to safeguard all personal information in a way that is consistent with Scotiabank’s measures, or as regulated by law.

7.6 Scotiabank may, with the customer's consent, disclose personal information to businesses such as, credit bureaus, credit insurers and lenders, and with regards to insurance products, may disclose medical information to industry insurance bureaus, advisory organizations, and underwriting and claims information networks. Scotiabank uses procedures and/or contracts to protect the privacy of that personal information. Scotiabank relies on the added protection of credit reporting legislation to ensure that credit bureaus protect personal information.

7.7 As referred to in section 5.6, Scotiabank uses care when disposing of or destroying personal information, to prevent unauthorized access to the information.