Disclosing Policies and Procedures to customers

Principle #8: Making Information About Policies and Procedures Available to Customers

Scotiabank is open about the policies and procedures it uses to manage personal information. Customers have access to information about these policies and procedures. The information will be made available in a manner that is generally easy to understand.

8.1 Scotiabank makes available to customers information about the policies and procedures it uses to manage personal information. It also makes available copies of this Code.

8.2 Information about Scotiabank’s policies and procedures and Code has been written so that it is generally easy to understand and it is readily available to customers. Through brochures or other documents, customers will be able to find out:

  • The title and office address of the representative of Scotiabank who is responsible for protecting the privacy of customers' personal information, so customers know where to address complaints and questions;
  • How to access personal information held by Scotiabank;
  • What type of personal information is held by Scotiabank and for what purpose it is used; and
  • The personal information made available to Scotiabank or its affiliates.

8.3 Scotiabank makes information about its policies and procedures available in a variety of ways, depending on the nature of the service customers are using and the sensitivity of the personal information. For example, Scotiabank may make brochures or other information available in its branches or offices, mail information to its customers, establish a toll-free telephone service, use electronic mail or provide on-line access.