Canadian Currency

Understanding the dollars and cents

When you move to Canada, your expenses may be different from those you are used to. Canada is a very large country, and costs can vary significantly depending on where you live. When you move to Canada, it's helpful to know a little about the money that you'll be using when you get here.

Coins come in six denominations. Each is a distinct size and shape for easy identification.

  • nickel = 5¢
  • dime = 10¢
  • quarter = 25¢
  • dollar = $1.00 (the Loonie)
  • two dollar = $2.00 (the Toonie)

Bank Notes / Paper Money are all the same size, but each bill is different in color.

  • $5 - blue
  • $10 - purple
  • $20 - green
  • $50 - red
  • $100 - brown

It's a good idea to exchange some of your money into Canadian currency before you leave your home country, so that you have cash on hand for small purchases as soon as you arrive. Once you're here, there are several ways to exchange your money for Canadian currency:

  • Financial Institutions - Scotiabank offers competitive exchange rates. By visiting a branch, you can exchange money from just about anywhere in the world.

  • Foreign Exchange Outlets - you'll find foreign exchange outlets in select locations across Canada, including airports and tourist attractions.

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