Latin America Equity Research: A local approach to global industry trends

Rodrigo Echagaray, Managing Director and Head of Latin America Equity Research at Scotiabank, examines three industries presenting challenges and opportunities in Latin America: e-Commerce, Media and Telecommunications, and Power and Utilities.

Differentiated regional research offering

Scotiabank’s Latin America Equity Research team delivers regional expertise through a team of 15 industry research professionals covering over 100 companies in the region. Our unique research focuses on structural trends shaping the industries in Latin America, taking into consideration local factors and variables.

Sample of Scotiabank’s Latin America e-Commerce Series publications

Download excerpt from our Latin America e-Commerce Series, analyzing the potential implications for brick and mortar retailers as e-Commerce grows. We compare the online sites of the region’s largest players through Scotiabank’s e-Commerce Shopping Experience Ranking.

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Rodrigo Echagaray
Managing Director and Head, Latin America Equity Research, Scotiabank

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