Investor Relations

Scotiabank is committed to providing timely, accurate and balanced disclosure of all material information about the Bank and to providing fair and equal access to such information.

Quarterly Results
View or download our Quarterly Reports for the last five years to see how Scotiabank Trinidad and Tobago detailed performance.

Q1/2018 Quarterly Report [PDF: 356 kb]

Q4/2017 Quarterly Report [PDF: 621 kb]

Q3/2017 Quarterly Report [PDF: 689 kb]

Q2/2017 Quarterly Report [PDF: 984 kb]

Q1/2017 Quarterly Report [PDF: 694 kb]

Q4/2016 Quarterly Report [PDF: 592 kb]

Q3/2016 Quarterly Report [PDF: 664 kb]

Q2/2016 Quarterly Report [PDF: 660 kb]

Q1/2016 Quarterly Report [PDF: 6.26 mb]

Q4/2015 Quarterly Report [PDF: 1.42 mb]

Q3/2015 Quarterly Report [PDF: 1.5 mb]

Q2/2015 Quarterly Report [PDF: 1.24 mb]

Q1/2015 Quarterly Report [PDF: 938 kb]

Q4/2014 Quarterly Report [PDF: 933 kb]

Q3/2014 Quarterly Report [PDF: 491 kb]

Q2/2014 Quarterly Report [PDF: 460 kb]

Q1/2014 Quarterly Report [PDF: 441 KB]

Q4/13 Scotiabank Group Quarterly Report [PDF: 147 KB]

Q3/13 Scotiabank Group Quarterly Report [PDF: 756 KB]

Q1/12 Scotiabank Group Quarterly Report [PDF: 455 KB]

View more in our Quarterly Results archive.

Annual Reports
View or download Scotiabank Trinidad and Tobago's Annual Reports and track our progress and performance for the past decade.

2017 Annual Report [PDF: 2 MB]

2016 Annual Report [PDF: 8 MB]

2015 Annual Report [PDF: 3.4 MB]

2014 Annual Report [PDF: 2.75 MB]

2013 Annual Report [PDF: 3.0 MB]

2012 Annual Report

2011 Annual Report

2010 Annual Report

View more in our Annual Report archive.

Did you know?
Our corporate governance policies are designed to ensure the independence of the Board of Directors and its ability to effectively supervise management's operation of the Bank.

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