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What is SkyBOX? Skybox Scotiabank

Shop at your favorite online stores from the US and Europe and receive at home.

Scotiabank cardholders can enjoy the freedom to shop internationally without limits.

When you sign up to SkyBOX using you Scotiabank credit cards you will receive you addresses (Suite #) in US and Europe that allows you to shop products that may be expensive or unavailable in your country and received your purchases in a secure and timely way at your home or office.

Not only will you enjoy discounts and special promotions from your favorite stores but you will also earn valuable SkyBOX rewards points on your purchases that you can redeem for money on next shipments.

  • SkyBOX will calculate all Duties and Taxes and will always show you the total cost of your shipment.
  • Provides 100% guarantee on the product value on all deliveries
  • Check your orders and their content on video with the Video Tracking system.
  • Access to SkyBOX Shops For You, our concierge service that will shop your desire products if the online store does not accept international credit cards and eliminates any fraudulent concerns.

When it comes to shopping online, the Sky is the limit.

Visit SkyBOX for full details and get your membership today!

What is SkyBOX? Skybox Scotiabank

SkyBOX is a secure online destination for you to shop and save using your Scotiabank credit card. Not only will you enjoy discounts on hundreds of products, you'll also earn valuable SkyBOX Rewards points on your purchases. It's another great part of our More For You programme.

SkyBOX gives you access to products that may not be available in your country or are more expensive. By shopping using SkyBOX, you get a wider variety of goods to purchase, and shipping that is trouble-free, secure and convenient. All shipping charges and customs clearances are done and your purchases are delivered to your door. It's that simple.

SkyBOX is filled with benefits to save you money, offer you access to more products you want to buy and ensures you receive your purchases in a secure, timely way.

When it comes to shopping online, the Sky's the limit. Visit SkyBOX to learn more.

Exclusively for Scotiabank cardholders. The More for You programme offers you special savings, offers and more. Learn more and Get More.