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NEW! Quotes & Research

Learn how to read a stock quote, view different ways to research a stock, build an Equities Screener, and access Scotia iTRADE's Investing Ideas.

Length: 15 min

NEW! Watchlists & Alerts

Learn how to create and save watchlists, as well as create multiple types of alerts, including ETFs & Equity Alerts, Earning Alerts, and News & Analyst Research.

Length: 15 min

Why Consider Direct Investing?

Topics include how to differentiate between saving and investing, understanding various investment choices, and the basics of creating an investment plan.

Module 1 of 5 | Length: 20 min

Open an Account

This module covers opening and funding an account, differentiating between account types and account ownerships, and fees and commissions.

Module 2 of 5 | Length: 15 min

Trading Plan

This module reviews what goes into a trading trade, including different investor and trader characteristics.

Module 3 of 5 | Length: 25 min

Getting Into the Market

Learn how to place, modify or cancel a trade using the trading order ticket on Scotia Online.

Module 4 of 5 | Length: 25 min

Risk and Position Management for Investors and Traders

Gain insight on how to implement risk management tools to minimize losses, as well as potentially capture gains, examine fundamental analysis, and review candlestick charts.

Module 5 of 5 | Length: 20 min

Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) Account

Topics include RRSP contribution limits and eligible investments, withdrawals and RRIF Roll Overs.

Length: 15 min

Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)

Topics include TFSA basics such as identifying contributions and withdrawals, and the differences between an RRSP and a TFSA.

Length: 10 min

Margin Accounts

Topics include the basics of investing on margin such as changes in loan values and a review of the advantages and risks...

Length: 20 min

NEW! Introduction to Technical Analysis

Gain insight into how Technical Analysis works and how it’s used. Also includes an introduction to charts and technical indicators.

Module 1 of 3 | Length: 15 min

NEW! Define Market Timing

Topics include when to get in and when to get out of the market, Fundamental Analysis and the myth of Price Prediction.

Module 2 of 3 | Length: 10 min

NEW! Chart Types

Topics include the most common charts and how they are used to identify trends or reversals in the market, reading Line, OHLC and Candlestick charts, as well as accessing charts on ScotiaOnline.

Module 3 of 3 | Length: 10 min

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